7 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Working Out

When I first started working out, I thought I will lose weight and get my desirable body line in a matter of months.

And then, I was faced with the harsh reality.

why not losing weight

Working out is just a portion of the job you need to do in order to get a slim body.

There were factors that were keeping me away from losing weight.

So, I decided to find out those factors, eliminate them, and get my body in my desirable shape.

Here is what I found out during my years of exercising.

Your Medicine Cabinet

There are countless of medicaments that are preventing you from losing weight. Check the back of the box to see the side effects of the medicaments you are taking. T

he biggest problem is antidepressants, as they top the list of medicaments that cause gaining weight.

Other medicaments that you should avoid while you are trying to lose weight and get a slim body include steroids, antipsychotics, antihypertensive pills, seizure medications and antihistamines.

However, before you cut some drug off from your lifestyle, make sure to consult your doctor for an alternative solution.


I had a friend that could eat twice as much as me and was still able to lose weight, despite me working out as much as him, sometimes even more. But, unlike him, my metabolism was not gifted with a quick rate.

Different people have different metabolism rate. And to make matters worse, as we are aging, our metabolism is slowing down.

What you can do is speed up the metabolism with some kick starting meals and foods.

The slower your metabolism is, the fewer calories you are burning and you might actually gain weight, instead of losing it.

The diet misconception

When it comes to diet, many people think that they can just cut some food, or go on a strict regime and they will lose weight.

The key to success is much more than that. For starters, many people have a misconception regarding portion sizes.

The best way to cut calories is to actually consume the proper portion of the food you eat.

Many people do not know it, but one serving of meat is actually the size of your palm. A serving of pasta, on the other hand, is just half a cup. Last, but not least, a serving of cheese is just one slice, not more.

Another common dietary misconception is low-fat food, which many people think that if the food is low fat, it is also low calorie. And there lies one of the biggest issues for people trying to lose weight.

Much of the low-fat food is actually rich in sugar and carbs, two ingredients that make you gain weight.


One of the biggest enemies preventing you from losing weight are those snacks we all love to grab in between meals.

And here I am pointing to those unhealthy snacks that we all love to hate, but still eat them on a regular basis.

We all have that annoying habit of sitting in front of the TV, watching television and grab some chips or candies or anything similar while we watch.

One way to lose more weight is to eliminate snacks or replace them with some healthy alternatives.


Some people simply suffer from diseases and disorders that prevent them from the regular active lifestyle.

Some examples include plantar fasciitis, bad ankles, and knees or arthritis.

What you can do about this is to try activities that are less painful and exhausting.

Others, on the other hand, simply love watching TV and staying in bed. Look at it this way, the more time you spend on the couch, the less weight you will lose.


Few people understand the calories you are consuming when drinking alcohol. When it comes to calories, alcohol is probably the king of the castle.

One cocktail contains between 400 and 500 calories.

A glass of wine increases your calorie intake by 120 calories, and hard liquor gives you 100 more calories (that is without a mix).

Two or three drinks per day will give you 25 pounds in a course of one year.


Whenever you are under stress, you are producing more cortisol and less serotonin.

The result is your body reacts and triggers hunger pangs courtesy of your increased blood pressure.

Stress eating is one of the biggest problems you will face on your quest for a slim body.

Try to eliminate stress eating and find a way to fight off stress in a more calming and effective way.

7 reasons not losing weight

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