7 Simple Ways How Vinegar Can Make Your Skin and Hair Better

The mere thought of washing your face and hair with a vinegar might put you off.

The question is, why would you use such smelly product on your face, when there are lots of cosmetic products that smell good, and they are delightfully smooth on your skin?

Vinegar for skin and hair

Well, while those cosmetic health products can help you, vinegar carries a ton of health properties and benefits for your skin and hair.

And in some cases, beauty products might irritate the skin while vinegar is a natural product that will never irritate your skin or hair.

And the best part is vinegar is probably the cheapest beauty product you can find in your kitchen.

We reveal you seven ways that using vinegar on a daily basis will transform your skin and hair.

Skin treatment No.1

For the first treatment, you need two cups of water and just one tablespoon of vinegar.

Mix them, and then get a cotton ball, moisten it into the mixture, and apply to your face.

There is no need to rinse the face afterward and the treatment will stimulate circulation on the face thanks to the acetic acid, minimize pores and tighten your skin.

Skin treatment No.2

Fill a tub with warm water, and then pour eight ounces of vinegar. This is the home-made spa treatment you always wanted.

Once the tub is ready, enter the tub, and let your body soak the mixture for at least 15 minutes.

You can shower afterward if you want to wash off the smell of the vinegar on your body.

The home-made spa treatment with vinegar will soothe your skin and restore the balance of pH levels of the skin.

Skin treatment No.3

If you have razor bumps, this treatment will help you. You need a cotton ball and a cup of pure vinegar.

Moisten the cotton ball in the vinegar, and wipe your skin with it.

Now, if your razor bumps are irritated, you need to calm your skin with honey first.

Put honey on the razor bumps, let it stay there for five minutes, and then apply vinegar.

After five minutes of soaking the vinegar, rinse your skin with water.

Aside from helping with razor bumps, this treatment also softens the skin and relieves the aggravated skin.

Skin treatment No.4

Another treatment with water and vinegar as main ingredients, you need four cups of water and only half a cup of vinegar.

Soak a washcloth with the vinegar and water mixture and then apply it to your skin.

This treatment is ideal if you want to soothe sunburned skin, but also promotes healing of the skin, protects your skin against skin blistering and restores pH balance.

Skin treatment No.5

This treatment helps with bruised skin as it calms the injury.

You need to moisten a cotton ball in vinegar and apply a bandage on it to secure the ball.

Leave the cotton ball with the bandage on for one hour, and then remove it.

Aside from calming the injury, this treatment will also improve the circulation of your skin and speed up the healing process following the injury.

Hair treatment No.1

For a healthy hair, you need two tablespoons of vinegar and just one cup of water.

Wash your hair with your normal shampoo, and then wash it with the water and vinegar mixture.

Apply conditioner after you rinse your hair.

Use this treatment on a regular basis, and you’ll notice results such as healthier and shinier hair.

Hair treatment No.2

For the second hair treatment, you need equal parts of vinegar and water.

This treatment helps you battle dandruff and prevents it from coming back.

Additionally, the treatment helps you get rid of fungi in the hair. Apply the mixture on your scalp before you use shampoo.

You can also mix vinegar with your shampoo, but make sure it is in equal parts.

Massage your hair and scalp with the mixture before washing it.


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