14 Surprisingly Easy Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those miracle products that you can use for almost everything.

The benefits of ACV make the product a real household name, with uses for apple cider vinegar going far beyond the kitchen.

Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

Speaking of, let’s take a look at some easy and effective ways to use apple cider vinegar.

Make Your Hair Shine

ACV can be used as a hair conditioner, making your hair shiny and beautiful. All you need is an old shampoo bottle, water, and half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Shampoo and rinse your hair, and then pour the solution through the hair. Few times per week is all you need to get the Hollywood style shiny look.

Get Rid of Dandruff

Aside from making your hair shiny, ACV will help you eliminate dandruff as well.

For this treatment, however, you will need a spray bottle.

You can mix a quarter of a cup of ACV and the same amount of water. Spray the solution on your head, wrap it with a towel or shower cap and let it stay for 15 minutes to one hour.

Wash your hair as usual and repeat the treatment two times per week.

Clean Your Skin

If you are experiencing problems with acne or any other skin condition, one of the best uses for apple cider vinegar is for skin treatment.

Dip a cotton ball in ACV and then rub it onto the affected area.

The acidic vinegar will absorb the excess oil from your face, but will also clear your skin. You can use it on any part of your body, not only on the face.


Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, apple cider vinegar can be used to heal bruises.

You can use either a cotton ball to rub the affected area, or prepare a compression with a towel dipped in ACV. Your choice.

Remove Stains from Teeth

Apple cider vinegar is one of those ingredients that can help with teeth whitening. All you need is a brush dipped in vinegar. B

rush your teeth, and then rinse with water.

Bad Breath

The ingredient can also be used for taking care of bad breath.

There are numerous symptoms and diseases linked to bad breath, and if mouthwash doesn’t do the trick, try apple cider vinegar.

Prepare a solution with ACV and water, and gargle with it for two minutes to kill the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.

Soothe Sore Throat

We all experience a sore throat during the winter days, and the moment you feel it, try this remedy to soothe the symptoms.

Germs do not survive in the acidic environment, and all you need is equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar.

Gargle with the solution every hour, and after few hours, you’ll notice how the symptoms have been reduced.

Clear a Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose is another condition that ACV can help with.

The acetic acid from the vinegar prevents bacteria growth and the small amounts of potassium help with mucus.

One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water is all you need. Drink the solution to help sinus drainage.

Stomach Problems

One of the many uses for apple cider vinegar is improving your digestion. Most stomach problems are caused by bacteria, and this includes diarrhea as well.

No matter if you are having stomach problems like diarrhea, or you have digestion problems causing bloating, apple cider vinegar can help. As with many remedies on the list, one to two tablespoons in a glass of water is all you need.


I cannot stress enough how much I hate hiccups. They are the most annoying and irritating thing that can happen.

And thankfully, I’ve discovered this ACV remedy to help me soothe with the pain. Just take one teaspoon of ACV, and the sour taste will stop the hiccup in a matter of seconds.


If you want a natural aftershave product, simply fill one bottle with equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar, and shake it off before applying to your freshly shaved face.

Eliminate Foot Odor

As mentioned, apple cider vinegar has antifungal and antibacterial properties, both of which help with eliminating foot odor.

Pour one cup of ACV over baby wipes, soak them overnight in the fridge, and then store them to use when you need them.

The vinegar will regulate your skin’s pH value and fight off any bacteria causing the odor.


The next time you are on vacation and you get a sunburn, do not panic. All you need is apple cider vinegar.

Add some drops to your bath to neutralize the burn, and soak in the bath for 10 minutes. You can also apply it externally to your skin, but you need to dilute in huge amounts of water.

Room Freshener

If you like your bathroom and toilet smelling like apples, do not wait any longer. Pour some vinegar into the toilet, allow it to sit overnight, and then simply flush it in the morning.


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