Top 6 Reasons why Tilapia Fish is good for you

According to the National Fisheries Institute in the US, the tilapia fish is the fourth most popular seafood among consumers, right behind salmon, canned tuna, and shrimp. 

Tilapia Fish

There are many reasons that make the tilapia fish as popular as it is, including the low price. Tilapia is easy to farm as it can be adapted to different types of feed. 

Once you cook it, the taste is excellent as it doesn’t have that standard strong and fishy smell and taste.

Tilapia fish received some bad reputation in 2008 when a study found that the fish contains less omega-3 fatty acids than consumers previously believed. Back then, tilapia was criticized as it is as unhealthy as eating bacon. 

However, it still ranks high in the omega-3 fatty acids levels, having the same amount as lobster, yellowfin tuna, and other seafood. So, if your doctor recommends you to eat more fish, tilapia is an excellent cheap alternative. 

With tilapia fish finally getting back its good reputation and popularity, we present you some of the health benefits of tilapia fish.

The protein advantage

Tilapia is one of the seafood that have an extremely high amount of protein. Just one serving of tilapia fish, which equals 3.5 ounces, provides 26 grams of protein. 

Few products can top that kind amount of protein in one serving, including some lean meats. Why you need protein? For starters, protein is the building block for muscles, and you also need it for proper development of cells. 

Protein also helps maintain a proper metabolism, protects your membranes, and helps children’s healthy development.

Heart prevention

As we mentioned previously, tilapia fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, an ingredient essential for lowering cholesterol and protecting the cardiovascular system. 

People with heart issues need a ton of omega-3 fatty acids, and eating tilapia fish can help with prevention, and even reduce the symptoms of several heart conditions. 

But mainly, tilapia fish and its richness of omega-3 acids prevents you from strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis. 

Additionally, tilapia fish contains potassium, an ingredient that reduces blood pressure levels as it dilates blood vessels.

Prostate Cancer Prevention      

Next in the line of health benefits of tilapia fish is prostate cancer prevention.

Like many other fishes and seafood, tilapia is high in selenium, a mineral that has been linked with lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

Selenium also prevents you from other types of cancer and many heart diseases.

Last, but not least, selenium is an active antioxidant, and we know we need our antioxidants as they slow the aging process.

Tilapia fish provides more than 20% of the recommended daily intake of selenium.

Bone health

Thanks to the high amount of phosphorous, tilapia fish helps keep your bones, nails and teeth strong.

Phosphorous is one of the most prominent minerals, essential for human health, and especially bone health.

Tilapia provides around 10% of the daily recommended dose of the mineral. Keeping your bones strong is essential for your overall health, as phosphorous also prevents from osteoporosis.

Weight loss

Unlike many other animal products that are also high in protein, tilapia has very low amounts of fats and calories. 

This makes tilapia an ideal food source of protein when you want to lose weight, as you are still getting the protein dose you need, but without the calories you do not want. 

As with other fishes, tilapia is considered a great dietary option as it gives you the necessary nutrients, but also reduces your calorie intake.

Immune System

Last, but not least, consuming tilapia fish improves your immune system and thyroid function. 

It is another benefit of the selenium found in the fish, as the mineral boosts the activity of your white blood cells. The more white blood cells you have, the more protected and secured your body is. 

White blood cells are the main assets your body uses when it fights against toxins, viruses and bacteria.

Additionally, selenium also regulates your thyroid gland, arguably the most important organ in our body. The thyroid controls more than 300 hormonal functions in our body.


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