The Weird Way I Lost [12 Pounds] in One Week Eating Eggs

During my years of experience trying to get a slim body and lose weight, I’ve stumbled upon some weird ways and diets.

And I must admit, I’ve tried almost all of them.

Simply put, I am curious to see if something works or not. And that is how I found out about the egg diet.

It might sound strange and weird, but I lost more than 12 pounds in just one week, and eggs were my primary dietary product.

If you want to lose weight, try this diet.

The benefits are that you are still consuming healthy and nutritional food, and the diet is easy to follow.

It is not a strict diet that will leave you starving and craving for snacks and some calorie rich food.

In fact, you have meat and fish included in your lunch.

It is a low-calorie diet, but the downside is you cannot use it for long periods of time.

Depriving your body of healthy nutrients, in the long run, will cause more harm than good.

However, if you want to lose some extra pounds quickly, the egg diet is perfect.

The diet

One thing you must remember when you are trying this diet is that eggs are actually a very healthy source of food.

They are rich in nutrients and are considered one of the best sources for protein.

Consuming eggs provides your body with a healthy dose of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

One week is all you need to lose some calories, speed up your metabolism and get a better body.

Keep in mind that drinking water is also essential for this diet, so keep your body hydrated as it will help you get rid of some of the toxins.

After the week is over, you can get back to your normal diet.

However, in order not to shock your organism, try to include grapefruit, oranges, eggs and cheese in your diet as you are getting back into your normal diet.

The Diet Plan

As mentioned previously, the main ingredient and primary source of food in the diet is eggs.

You will need lots of it, but also some other food sources.

Let’s look at the diet plan and how and what should you eat for one week.

Day 1

  • Your breakfast consists of 2 boiled eggs, one cup of low-fat milk and two oranges
  • For lunch, you need skinless chicken meat, around 6 ounces of it, and one cup of Greek yogurt
  • Your dinner is one boiled egg, one orange and 4 ounces of boiled chicken meat

Day 2

  • Breakfast: two boiled eggs and lemon juice from just one lemon
  • For lunch, you can treat yourself with one serving of roasted fish and one fresh grapefruit
  • Your dinner is just three hard-boiled eggs and nothing more

Day 3

  • This time, for breakfast you want three scrambled eggs, and you can throw in some parsley, dill, and onion into the mix
  • For lunch, you want one serving of cooked chicken and some green vegetable salad (leafy greens, cucumber, arugula and similar veggies)
  • Your dinner consists of one hard-boiled egg and two oranges

Day 4

  • For breakfast, squeeze one fresh lemon into one cup of warm water and get two hard-boiled eggs
  • Your lunch includes one serving of boiled beef meat and one grapefruit
  • For dinner, as with Day 2, you get three hard-boiled eggs

Day 5

  • This time, for breakfast you include some veggies, or two carrots, along with your two hard-boiled eggs and one tablespoon of sour cream
  • Your lunch includes carrots again, along with two poached eggs and tomatoes
  • For dinner, you have one serving of boiled fish, can be tinned fish as well, and salad

Day 6

  • Your breakfast includes one glass of Greek yogurt, and one fresh orange or lemon
  • For lunch, you get two boiled eggs and two grapefruits
  • For dinner, you get just a glass of fresh water

Day 7

  • Breakfast includes two boiled eggs, slice of dry toast and one tomato
  • For lunch, you get 6 ounces of beef meat and one grapefruit or orange
  • Your dinner is just a glass of water.


32 thoughts on “The Weird Way I Lost [12 Pounds] in One Week Eating Eggs”

  1. Well, sure it worked.. that’s because you’re hardly eating anything and starving your body. Not healthy at all. This should not be touted as a “diet” at all. Unsafe.

  2. Im willing to try, i have try everything from pills, juices, proteins, it hasnt worked. My weight is 314 i have never been this big but loseing 12-15 pds may give me the head start that i need. I will let you know if it worked.

    • damn, just work out your caloric intake you need for your bodyweight, taking into account your lean body mass less excess ‘energy stores’ in your body, and then work with a high protein high fat with essential oil intake and also lots of fresh vegetables and fruit… and take supplements and fish oil… you will lose more weight than this idea hahah.. and feel a lot better too wtf

    • Don’t do the that diet . Get on the treadmill daily . 15 min x7 days 30 x7 days
      30min x 7 days ( this time go faster , ) 60 min same speed as week before x7 days. Following week 60 min x7 days n increase speed ) check your weight , see if you feel stronger . Join a gym after couple of months of that . Get a personal trainer at the gym. Good luck!

      • You can work out until you are blue in the face will not lose until you control what goes into your mouth. Sometimes a strict diet like this will kick start your metabolism, and inspire you to control your intake when you resume your regular program.

  3. can you substitute?…ie…Turkey breast for chicken….do you just drink the lemon juice from the lemon straight..or can you add the juice to water?

  4. I’m on Day 3, I’ve had a few handfuls of plain cheerios because I can’t stand being hungry but I’m down 4.8 lbs. I will probably do it only 5 days, I’m already sick of eggs but I don’t feel terrible, just the first day.

  5. This diet is a good motivation for me I been trying a lot of diet finally I found the right one am on day 6 and I lost 9 lbs already….and I think I will continue my diet by cutting carbs…thank you

  6. Guess what’s going to happen when you try this “diet?” Your body will be tricked into thinking it won’t be getting any more nutrients, so it will hold on to everything! In other words, the weight you will lose will be water weight and you will put everything plus some back on as soon as you start eating a regular diet again. This is not a diet, it is a SCAM. If you want to lose weight, consume less calories than you burn. Lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies, etc. Keep snacking to a minimum, and make healthy snack choices, such as almonds, fruit, light string cheese, etc. Get moving, too…walking, aerobics, whatever…just get that body moving. And FYI, any “diet plan” that suggests only water for dinner is insane.

    • I agree. For a 320 pound person to go on this diet would be too much of a shock to one’s system and would NOT lead to weight loss. The body would think it was starving and therefore, hold on to every gram of fat.

  7. Sounds like an interesting diet, however when you go back to your original diet do you gain the weight back?

  8. I want to try this next week. I need a sub for Greek yogurt. That yogurt taste like wet chalk! Then when the diet suggests “boiled beef” what kind of beef is boiled. I do not see boiling NY strip or ground beef. Anyone that has done this did you boil stew meat? Can you season the boiled meat or can you sub boiled meat for grilled meat instead?

  9. Hi
    I am just starting this diet and would ask if the carrots are raw or cooked for breakfast and lunch. I hope to heaven this diet works as if need to feel better and get rid of 40 lbs…..
    Thanks loads.

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