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50 Delicious Cookies To Eat As Much As You Want Guilt Free

Mmmmm… delicious! These gluten-free cookies will replace all the cookies you were making throughout your life. I’m glad to say they are healthy and ready for you to eat in no time flat. You will find 50 of them. You and your family will be able to enjoy something different. Something that is a healthy substitute […] Read More

50 Amazing Meatless Meatballs [Recipes] You Must Try

When I say mouthwatering, I mean… MOUTHWATERING. You won’t be able to resist the taste. They are really easy to make and easy to eat. After you make a recipe or two, you will understand why this is one of the favorite traditional meal of the Swedes According to few of my friends in Sweden, […] Read More

50 Thanksgiving Recipes Vegetarians Can Really Be Thankful For

I’m thankful for having a beautiful family supporting me through my life and successes. I’m thankful to you people who are making my day more beautiful with your notes and comments. What are you thankful for? To make the feeling even greater, I brought 50 recipes that are perfect for this Thanksgiving. I know I said […] Read More

50 Breakfast Smoothie Bowls For An Amazing Fresh Start Of The Day

What’s the only thing that is better than a good refreshing breakfast smoothie? – A smoothie bowl. Yes, they exist. Made with an enormous dose of love for everyone in your family. Start your day right full with energy. I know you’ve been drinking your smoothies. It’s time to change things up. A smoothie bowl […] Read More