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6 Simple & Proven Ways How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Treatments

I bet that when you think of coconut oil, the last thing that comes to your mind is rubbing all over your hair. Right? I was like you a while ago. I knew the health benefits of coconut oil, and the edible plant was part of my daily diet and some beauty treatments. But the last thing […] Read More

Here is How Avocado and Eggs Keep Your Hair Healthy & Shiny

I must say, I am a firm believer in most homemade and natural remedies. With so many cosmetic products out there, you can never be certain. Now, an argument can be made that most of the food we find in the markets and grocery stores is not organic, but let’s say that the products we […] Read More

7 Simple Ways How Vinegar Can Make Your Skin and Hair Better

The mere thought of washing your face and hair with a vinegar might put you off. The question is, why would you use such smelly product on your face, when there are lots of cosmetic products that smell good, and they are delightfully smooth on your skin? Well, while those cosmetic health products can help […] Read More