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50 Low-Calorie Dinner Recipes To Curb Those Night Time Cravings

I see what you did there. You thought eating at night is over for you? – Well, even when you sneak up to the fridge in the middle of the night it counts. And stop lying to yourself that you will not eat breakfast or lunch or dinner the next day. That’s not going to […] Read More

The Ultimate List of 50 Delicious Low-Carb Soups For Great Winter Evenings

There is one thing everyone to eat during winter. Soups. I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother used to make soups after we came back from school. She was saying that this will warm our body and soul. And she was right. Winter days were really cold where we lived back then. […] Read More

50 Rich And Refreshing Ways To Make Delicious Avocado Meals

Congratulations. You’ve hit my favorite recipes. Every recipe that includes avocado is on the list of my favorites. I made sure you won’t have anything to worry about for the next 50 days. I “cooked” 50 delicious avocado meals just for you. You can make them whenever you want. They are perfect for lunch, breakfast […] Read More

50 Heavenly Pumpkin Recipes Perfect For Any Occasion Of The Upcoming Season

Halloween is just around the corner. But I know something else that comes after that. The pumpkin season. You can only imagine what kind of breakfast recipes will come out of a pumpkin. I love it. I really do. When I don’t have a snack in my home, I quickly boil or bake a pumpkin. […] Read More

50 Amazing Recipes For The Healthiest Halloween Ever

It’s Halloween, everybody. Well, not quite yet, but we are getting there. I hope you have your costumes ready because it’s going to be awesome. People often “get loose” during these days. They forget about everything including their diet. I don’t judge them. We are people after all. We can get distracted. However, you don’t […] Read More