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22 Tasty Proven [Detox Drinks] That Will Help You Lose Weight

Lately, the term detox drinks has been used for almost everything. You can detox your mouth, detox your liver, foods to detox your body and so on. I’ve written on almost every detox practice there is, and today, I want to share with you some simple, delicious and tasty detox drinks for weight loss that […] Read More

9 Ways to Get Better Breath by Detoxifying Your Mouth

I am sure you have experienced bad breath early in the morning when you wake up. Your mouth and breath surely don’t smell the same in the evening after you brush your teeth, and in the morning when you wake up. The reason is simple, our mouth is a residence to a plethora of microorganisms, […] Read More

Top 10 Foods for Better Liver Cleanse

Do you breathe fresh air? Or do you think you drink toxins-free water? I hate to be the one telling you this, but chances are, the answer to both questions is no. Like many of you, I also live in an environment with countless of toxins flying around. We are faced with toxins in our […] Read More

Clean Your Liver With These 3 Simple Detox Juices

You can say that the liver is the most important organ in the human body. The liver is constantly working, trying to filter everything we consume on a daily basis. The liver keeps the nutrient we need and removes the toxins. But some of the toxins stay within the liver, and they can harm your […] Read More