Sugar Experiment: What Happens if You Double Your Sugar Intake?

I am certainly not the first one to tell you that consuming too much sugar is bad for you and your health. But what you do need to know is just how bad?

In order to answer the question, let’s take a look at an experiment conducted by Damon Gameau, an Australian actor.

The Experiment

The research conducted by Damon showed that the average person in the US consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar each and every day.

Now take a moment to grasp that, 22 teaspoons of sugar. Damon wanted to see what happens if you double that amount, which is common for some people.

When I say the average person consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar, there are some consuming much more than that.

The Australian actor was not allowed to consume sugar via obvious sources that include soda, candy and ice cream.

The twist here is that he doubled the amount of sugar by consuming “healthy foods”.

Now, I am not here to tell you that healthy foods are actually unhealthy, but in reality, almost everything contains sugar. Some of the foods that are perceived as healthy include fruit juices, cereals, low-fat yogurt, and health bars.

The Results

Damon Gameau decided to try the experiment for just two months, but it was more than enough to get results.

What is troubling is that there were changes not just in the physical appearance, but in the overall health and mental health as well.

Here are the results.

  • Damon’s waistline increased few inches, and that is just after two months of consuming twice as much sugar as everyday Americans do.
  • Damon’s appetite increased and he continued eating, whenever he was feeling hungry. In reality, he never felt full, and he was constantly eating through the day.
  • Damon became addicted to sugar. The more sugar and food he was eating, the more food he wanted and he was becoming hungrier and hungrier.
  • Damon became cranky and he managed to prove the scientific studies showing that sugar affects the mood of an individual. This happens mostly when our bodies are not getting enough sugar, or the amount of sugar our body thinks it needs.
  • Damon’s insulin levels went sky high, and his endocrine system was hampered as well. His hormones started accumulating fat in his body.

After two months, Damon was unhealthy, even though he was consuming the same amount of calories as when he was eating fruits and vegetables.

However, the more sugar he consumed, the more toxins there were in his body. Now, I will be the last one to tell you that you do not need sugar.

We all need sugars in order to produce energy for our body. However, you must keep those sugar levels checked, and make sure you consume low amounts of sugar.

What can you do?

Let me be honest with you, I have a weak spot for sweets. But my sugar levels and my insulin levels are very much normal.

Now, when I say weak spot, that doesn’t mean that I eat candies all day. But I can have a sweet treat from time to time.

How do I get the balance?

Well, for starters, I eliminate all soda drinks and grocery-store bought juices. It is a simple, yet effective way to lower your sugar levels.

You can also try and eliminate cakes, ice-cream, candies, and other deserts. However, there is no alternative for cakes.

And there is an alternative for sodas, which is cold water.

You can also squeeze a couple of lemons and oranges in the morning, and drink that juice through the day.

Store it in small bottle for work, or large bottle in your fridge, and you’ve eliminated the worse sugars by avoiding sodas.


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