2 Big Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Microwave for Cooking

As we know by now, the mantra “you are what you eat” is actually quite true.

In the past few years, healthy food has taken our society by storm, and everyone are trying to get as much healthy and organic food as possible.

But one mantra that nobody speaks about is “how you cook your food”.

Now, I am sure you know there is a healthy and unhealthy way of cooking.

And for most people, that mostly applies to the ingredients they use for cooking (olive oil for healthy cooking for example).

However, how you prepare your food is also important, and whether you know it or not, microwave ovens are actually quite dangerous for you.


Now, before I go over the harmful effects of microwave ovens, I must admit, I was a fan of it previously.

I know they are convenient.

However, the question you need to ask yourself, are you ready to pay the price for that convenience?

And before you answer it, I must tell you that the price is your health.

The History of Microwave

When a product is good, you often praise the one who invented it.

But in this case, the two scientists that were responsible for the microwave oven, were not even aware what damage they can cause.

The names of the two scientists are unknown, but they invented a tube during World War II that produced microwaves.

The tube was called magnetron and was used during the war for finding Nazi warplanes.

However, seven years later, Percy Lebaron Spencer found out that he can use those same microwaves for cooking food.

By accident, he discovered that radar waves had melted a candy bar in his pocket.

He was responsible for the first microwave, which was called Radar Range, and was the size of a refrigerator.

Since then, microwaves have become smaller and more convenient, but the dangers they carry are still present.

How do Microwave Ovens Work?

In order to understand the risks by cooking your food in a microwave, you must understand the process of cooking.

Microwaves alternate currents, which results in atoms reversing their polarity.

The end result is a friction that vibrates the water inside every food.

The water is located in the food molecules, and as friction vibrates the water, the food heats up.

Inside your microwave oven, there are 2.45 billion hertz.  That is all fine, up until the seal on the door begins to leak.

The human body can be harmed by a frequency of 10 hertz. Therefore, make sure you never stand near an open microwave.

The Harmful Effects of Microwave

I must also say here that the FDA has set standards for microwaves, in which the FDA believes that the devices are safe.

However, even the FDA says that you should use microwaves on your own behalf and safety concerns.

Now, about the harmful effects of microwave, I will list them in bullet points:

  • Microwaves cause birth defects
  • Cancer is another issue that is linked with use of microwave for cooking, as the process releases carcinogens that can be absorbed in our food
  • Cataracts that occur due to the cellular stress and heat coming from the microwave
  • Lower resistance to bacterial and viral infections as a result of a weakened immune system
  • Increased cholesterol level
  • Reduce of hemoglobin resulting in anemic-like condition
  • Decrease in white blood cells
  • Food depleted of its nutrients
  • Food that contains dangerous radioactive compounds due to the radiation of the microwave

The Hidden Danger

As I said previously, the first reason why you want to get rid of your microwave is that it damages the food.

However, there are hidden dangers that lurk in the prospect of using a microwave oven for cooking.

Raise your hand is the answer to the following question is “yes”.

Do you prepare processed and packaged foods mostly in your microwave?

If that is the case, you are exposing yourself to tons of toxins and chemicals, including toluene, benzene, polyethylene terephthalate, dioxins, xylene and much more.

At the high temperature in your microwave, all these toxins and chemicals can be absorbed into the food.

And when it comes to dangerous contaminants in food that is prepared in a microwave oven is BPA.

There have been studies and researches that show that BPA disrupts your normal hormone activity.

And I am here to tell you that BPA leaks from almost every packaged food.


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  1. Maybe cite an academic article or two when you spout a bunch of crazy shit? Assuming you don’t microwave TV dinners three meals a day for 20 years, it’s pretty unlikely a microwave is going to kill you.

  2. “Inside your microwave oven, there are 2.45 billion hertz.”

    Jesus fucking christ, this article is so god-damned stupid and full of dumb-ass errors that it hurts. What kind of poorly educated illiterate writes shit like this? You have no fucking idea what you just wrote. You have no fucking idea what electromagnetism is. You have no idea what a “hertz” is.

  3. I love how this is considered “spouting a bunch of crazy shit.” Why is it crazy and shit? Because it takes you out of your comfort zone? You think people compose these articles solely to offend you and alarm you? Do you even know how microwaves work? Do your own research. Yes, I agree reputable sources should be cited, but if you do your own research you’ll become much more knowledgeable than just by taking someone else’s word on it.

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