Potato Diet – Can You Lose 100lbs in a Year?

At the beginning of 2018, Kevin Smith popularized a diet called potato diet. And the diet is exactly what you think of it. You eat only potatoes.

The famous director was told to lose weight after suffering a near-fatal heart attack in February 2018, so he had to do something.

The heart attack came dangerously close to taking his life. So, the Clerks director had to make some lifestyle changes that will protect his health.

Doctors told him to lose 50 pounds at least, and in order to do so, he adopted a diet that was long forgotten. In just nine days, Kevin Smith lost 17 pounds, and he was encouraged to continue with the diet what was made famous by illusionist Penn Jillette in the Book “Presto!: How I made over 100 pounds disappear” [1]https://www.menshealth.com/nutrition/a19562004/kevin-smith-potato-diet/.

What are the nutritionists take on the potato diet?

Some nutritionists say that they would never recommend the potato diet to anyone trying to lose weight. No matter if you suffered from a recent heart attack or not, some nutritionists simply believe the potato diet is not good.

The diet with potatoes does not provide an adequate amount of protein and contains no fat. And not only that, the diet is low in micronutrients essential for our body, including selenium, zinc, calcium, and vitamin A.

Over time, following the diet will cause essential fatty acid deficiency and many other vitamins and mineral deficiencies.

Not only it is not healthy due to lack of nutrition and variety, the diet can also cause psychological boredom.

Supporters of the diet, including Kevin Smith, praise the diet because it is low on calories, which would quickly drive weight loss. However, it is not an ideal method for a long-term sustainability.

Yes, you lose weight in the first two weeks, but do not get fooled that this is the diet for you to continue on a long-term basis.

Celebrity supporters of the diet

celebrity potato diet

Smith is not the only guy that lost weight thanks to the potato diet. In 2017, a YouTube influencer going by the name of Spud Fit, explained that he lost 117 pounds over one year by following the diet only with potatoes.

His plan was way more extreme than the one of Smith. The YouTube Andrew Flinders Taylor ate only potatoes for 365 days.

He beat the potato boredom by seasoning his food with dried herbs, fat-free sweet chili, barbecue sauce, or spices.

Penn Jillette, an illusionist, was the one who initially started the diet with potatoes. He was close to his 60th year, but he felt that death was not far off.

He weighed 330 pounds, and his systolic blood pressure was at 240. His coronary arteries were clogged to the point he just underwent heart surgery.

He chose the potato, and ate only this starchy plant-based food. He could have as many potatoes as he wanted through the day, and he would never have to go hungry. So he never bothered with counting calories.

For the next five weeks, Penn ate five potatoes per day, baked or boiled with skin on. He ate them pure, with no fatty or salty toppings, no cheese, no sour cream, and no butter. Just plain old potatoes. After the two weeks plan, he lost 14 pounds.

Can you add other foods?

While the diet with potatoes is not a long-term solution for weight loss, you can use it as a crash diet to quickly shed some pounds [2]https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/02/180202123836.htm.

The trick for long-term sustainability is to add other whole foods following the initial two weeks.

What you can do after that is as minimally-processed and plant-based meals. That includes salads and bean stews. If you want to continue with the diet, you need to rarely eat animal foods like meat and cheese.

The good thing is that you do not need to restrict portion sizes, or bother with counting calories. You will feel full and satisfied at all times, and the pounds will keep on shedding.

How to lose 100 pounds?

Penn followed the diet for four months. At that point, he added another habit to his weight loss plan, which was exercise.

Before he started the diet with potatoes, Jilliete Penn was addicted to foods loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. He switched to extreme mono diet, and shifted from “living to eat” to “eating to live” priority.

Is his now more than two years into the weight loss program. And he has managed to maintain his weight, after losing 100 pounds. He no longer craves salty, fatty, and sugar-rich foods.  He feels better, and has more fun.

But what is the way to maintain the 100 pounds weight loss program? In addition to making potatoes your primary food source, you need to continue with healthy eating habits. In the case of the potatoes, you can add salads and stews.

The diet Kevin Smith followed, and Penn, mirrors the Pritikin eating plan, which is taught at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami for more than 40 years. Both plans focus on low-calorie dense, whole plant foods, which translates to lots of vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains, and starchy veggies.

Benefits of potatoes



For those who do not want a crash diet with only potatoes, it is a good idea to include these starchy vegetables in your diet as a side dish [3]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5346901/Study-trendy-crash-diets-damage-heart.html.

Do not associate potatoes with chips and French fries. Whole food potatoes are incredibly healthy [4]https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1252113/.

Here are a couple of benefits:

  • Because potatoes contain mainly carbs, they are easy to digest and facilitate digestion. That makes them a good diet for babies or for those who cannot digest hard food, but need a boost to their energy levels
  • Potatoes are high in vitamin C and B-complex, as well as minerals like magnesium and potassium, all of which are great for your skin
  • The starchy vegetables can help with treatment of rheumatism by providing high doses of potassium and magnesium to your body
  • Potatoes are also effective in reducing inflammation, both internal and external
  • The vegetable can also help with a number of conditions that cause high blood pressure. Consuming potatoes regularly will help you relieve high blood pressure due to tension
  • Potatoes cater to most needs that your brain needs to function properly, including glucose levels, oxygen supply, B-complex vitamins, and hormones
  • By treating high blood pressure, potatoes also prevent heart disease. They also provide vitamin C and B-complex, essential for your overall health
  • You can use potatoes to treat and prevent kidney stones which appear due to increased levels of uric acid in the blood. When you have kidney stones, high protein foods should be avoided, and potato is the total opposite of that
  • The vegetable is also great for treating diarrhea, as they are excellent energy-rich food that is easy to digest

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