Peanuts and Kids: What You Should Know

If you’re wondering whether or not you should feed your kids peanuts early in their lives, you’re not the first parent to take an interest in this topic. Both ends of the discussion offer insight into this particular food. If you decide to feed your children peanuts, the next question is how much they should eat. Here are both sides of the argument on peanuts and kids and the information you need to decide what’s best for your children.

Kids Should Consume Peanuts

Studies show that kids who eat peanuts at an early age often don’t develop peanut allergies later in life. Because recent scientific evidence points to fewer nut allergies in kids who consume them early on in life, it could be in your kid’s best interests to feed him or her peanuts. Whether or not your child is allergy-prone, consider making peanuts a regular snack to offset future health concerns.

Kids Shouldn’t Consume Peanuts

History reveals that kids who eat peanuts at an early age can end up having severe and sometimes deadly allergic reactions to peanuts, so consider waiting when it comes to acquainting your child to this potentially dangerous nut. Because whole peanuts are also a choking hazard for children under five, get creative in the ways you feed your kids peanuts – try peanut butter instead of a whole nut. Whether your child is an infant, toddler or school-age, be mindful of the way they eat peanuts to offset potentially detrimental situations.

Kids Should Consume Peanuts in Moderation

If you make the decision to feed your young child peanuts, it’s important that you introduce nuts to your baby with caution. Wait twelve months after birth before exposing your infant to tree nuts, and after you give your child his or her first taste, make sure to monitor any food-related reactions. Once you’ve introduced your child successfully to peanuts, feel free to feed him or her peanuts in moderation like any other food.

If you’ve sifted through each side of this debate, chances are you’ve made a decision about whether or not to let your kids eat peanuts. This hot topic will always be a point of contention for some parents, so it’s best to soak in all of the information, get proper medical advice, and then apply it to home life accordingly.

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