Onion – 5 Powerful Natural Ways To Use It as a Remedy

I have a confession to make. Even though onions make me cry, I love them.


You can say that I love the things that make me feel bad. For example, we all love bad boys, even though they hurt us.

However, sometimes, the things that make us feel bad, are actually extremely good for us.

Onions are one example. Even though they make me cry, I know they are extremely healthy and beneficial for me.

Therefore, I like to eat onions as often and as more as possible.

But what I didn’t know is that besides the standard health benefits from onions (natural cure, cough, fever and air cleaner), there are many other things that onions can do.

Let’s state the obvious first, onions are a great remedy for vomiting and can be used as a general antibiotic for boosting your immune system.

But let’s take a look at some of the underrated and little-known benefits of onions.


I didn’t know that onions can be used for treating cuts until a friend of mine told me.

What you need to do is use the onion skin, the transparent film to put it better, and rub it on your skin.

The onion skin will immediately stop your bleeding, and also serve as an antiseptic for your wound.

If you do not believe me, try it the next time you cut yourself.

And if that happens while cutting onions, you can see the irony right?

Chest congestion

If you want to break up chest congestion, simply get one onion, and crush it.

Add some coconut oil to the mixture.

Once you get a smooth paste, coat your chest with it.

You can cover the chest area with a shirt or towel and leave it for several minutes.


Now this is something that young parents will love.

It is an old Cherokee Indian recipe, and it will help you sleep better while fighting the early phases of parenthood.

Boil a small amount of diced onion.

Let the onion cool for some minutes in the water, and then drain it.

Feed one teaspoon of the “onion tea” to your baby every hour.

Chances are, the second teaspoon will help with the colic. If not, feed your baby until she/he gets some relief.

Ear infection

This is another recipe that a friend of mine told me.

I have never experienced an ear infection, but my friend has.

And he told me of a natural remedy that some old wife told him.

You chop an onion, put it into a thin sock, and then you tie the sock.

After the sock is ready, you place it over the troubled ear and you cover your head with a hat.

This ensures the sock is in place.

You will feel pain relief in a few minutes, after which you remove the sock.

Standard Health Benefits of Cough

Now, after I’ve shared with you some unconventional uses for onions, let’s get back to the standard health problems you can cure with onions.

For starters, if you are suffering from a cough, just peel one large onion and slice it in half.

Cover the face of each half with one tablespoon of brown sugar.

Cover the onions with something and let them soak the brown sugar for one hour.

To fight off the cough, eat one-half in the morning and one before you go to bed.

Onions can also help with a fever.

You need to slice one onion into thin slices.

Before you start the onion treatment, rub the bottom of your feet with coconut oil.

Now, put a thin slice into the arch of each foot.

Wrap the slice with cling wrap and then cover the onion with a sock.

Leave it over the night and the onion will draw toxins out of your body.

You will feel as good as new in the morning.

One of the common uses for onion is vomiting.

To get better, you need to grate one onion.

After you get onion juice with the grating, put it into cheesecloth and wrap it.

Prepare peppermint tea and let it cool.

Drink two teaspoons of the onion juice, wait five minutes, drink two teaspoons of the peppermint tea and wait five more minutes.

Ideally, your nausea and vomit should go away after 15 minutes.

If not, continue the treatment.

Unusual uses for onion

Aside from unconventional and conventional uses for onion in the health industry, the veggie can also be used for other things in your home.

Here are some examples:

  • Rub onion juice to promote hair growth
  • Use onion juice to repel moths
  • Cut an onion, and rub it on you to repel bugs
  • Rub a slice of onion into face of an iron to prevent rusting
  • Use onion slices to polish copper and glassware
  • Boil onion juice, then cool it and spray it onto plants to repel pests.


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