Dr. Fukujuji: You Can Now Lose Weight by Lying Down

Now this is something you do not hear often. Usually, if you want to lose weight, you need to work out, change your diet, and generally change your lifestyle.

But, what if I tell you that there is a way to lose weight, especially around your belly, by just lying down in a horizontal position for five minutes, three times per day?

Now, this technique is not magical, and results do not happen overnight, but it is effective and it won’t cost you a dime.

But I’ve tried it, and I’m reaping the benefits. Even if you do not want to lose weight, but you are stuck in front of a computer for long hours like most of us are, you can try it.

Aside from losing weight, the technique improves your posture, something that most of (I know I am) suffer by long office hours.

The technique, developed by Dr. Fukujuji, is explained in a short book that has sold more than 6 million copies in Asia only.

It is an easy, fast, and efficient way of losing weight, and Fukujuji claims it is the best way to lose weight in the shortest amount of time.

There is no need for hard exercises, restrictive diet or anything else. And if you think a fast, free and effective way of losing weight doesn’t exist, just try it for one month, and then see for yourself.

What you need for this method is one strong rope, a big towel, and a flat sturdy surface. You need to tie the towel in a roll with the rope, and then place it under your pelvis.

Step by step guide

Lose weight
In order to perform this technique properly, we will guide you through the process.

  • Start by rolling the towel, and then fasten it with the strong rope we mentioned previously
  • Sit down on a flat and clean surface, like the floor for example
  • Position the towel under your back, somewhere close to the height of your pelvis. A word of notice, the towel must be bigger than your back. Now, lie down while the towel is under your back, close to the height of the belly button;
  • Spread the legs in shoulder width and turn your feet inward, so that your big toe from the left foot is touching the right foot;
  • Next, stretch your arms behind your head and turn your palms downward. Make sure your little fingers from the left and the right hand are touching;
  • Lie down for five minutes, and that is it.

Bonus Tips

The theory and method are developed by Dr. Fukujuji, and his genuine belief is that the misplacement of our pelvis is what causes fat to accumulate around the belly.

The subcostal bones also cause excess fat around the belly. Luckily, both problems can be solved with the technique.

Bear in mind that there will be pain and discomfort in the beginning.

However, with every new day, the pain will be smaller the discomfort will vanish. Everything will get better with time.

It is important that you perform this exercise every day, without exceptions. Try the method for at least one month to see if there are results, and if there are results, do not stop.

Last, but not least, just lying down is not enough, it is also important how you get up after the treatment. Do not get up immediately. Instead, turn your body, lie on your hips, sit up, take a deep breath, and then stand up.

Other health benefits

The theory by Doctor Fukujuji is that lying on the rolled up towel you actually correct the alignment of your pelvis and your spine.

This way, you not only lose weight, but you actually improve your posture and relieve your back pain.

For women, positioning the towel under the bust helps lifting their breasts. Positioning the towel under the ribs, on the other hand, helps you get a more defined waist.


8 thoughts on “Dr. Fukujuji: You Can Now Lose Weight by Lying Down”

  1. The method does not work for me at all! I’ve tried for the last few month and been getting more fat on stomach!


  2. Hello,
    I am 27yrs old and I have degenerative spine. Can I try this method? Should I take any precautions?

  3. This technique resembles grounding and barefoot walking not to mention the feldenkrais method. The earth’s healing energy penetrates the body from the cold hard floor. Also many toxins and negative emotions are released into the bosom of the earth which is truly mother nature personified. Try this method and you will be reenergised and refreshed by the basic down to earth technique. You will not only lose several pounds but improve your posture and get back in touch with your body. Even better than lying on the floor is lying on your back on the grass in a park or in a hammock. It is sheer bliss to let go and enjoy the loosening of the body armour and stress points.

  4. When to do it.. before or after meals.. 1 early morning, 2 before or after lunch, 3 before or after dinner.. I am doing it past few days nothing happening maybe to soon but I wanna loose soon.

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