This is What Happens When You Drink Diet Soda Every Day

Diet drinks are something that most of us think is healthy and sugar-free.

But in reality, drinking diet drinks, such as diet soda can have huge repercussions to your overall health.

The latest study, in which more than 60,000 women participated, studied the link between several cardiovascular issues and drinking diet drinks.

The scientists at the University of Iowa examined the link and then published the results during the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session.

Diet Soda
Bear in mind, this is a study group of more than 60,000 participants. And while the scientists will tell you it is too early to change your habits, it is still something to think about.

Here are several issues that are connected with drinking diet soda and other diet drinks. The major problem is that these drinks contain aspartame,

One of the largest studies of its kind recently examined the link between diet drinks and cardiovascular issues such as heart attack and stroke in healthy, postmenopausal women.

The research took place at the University of Iowa, and the findings were presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session in Washington, D.C.

The Study

For the purpose of the study, researchers at the Iowa University divided the participants into four different groups. The consumption groups were split into

a) one to four diet sodas per week

b) zero to three drinks per month

c) two or more diet sodas per day

d) five to seven drinks per week

Researchers studied the participants for nine years and adjusted the study to account for demographic characteristics and other risk factors that lead to cardiovascular diseases such as smoking, genetics and more.

The results showed that 8.5% of the women who drank one or two drinks per day developed cardiovascular diseases.

Those diseases include congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, heart attack, ischemic stroke, cardiovascular death, coronary revascularization procedure and peripheral arterial disease.

The group that drank five to seven diet sodas per week developed one of the diseases in 6.9% of the cases.

Those consuming one to four drinks per week developed cardiovascular diseases in 7.2% of the cases.

Scientists at the University of Iowa stressed that the association between cardiovascular diseases and diet drinks raised more questions than answers and suggested further research.

Diseases linked with Aspartame

The study at the University of Iowa is the latest to show a link between aspartame and several health issues.

The findings are in line with some of the previous work that includes the following results.

  • Kidney function decline.

A recent study, published in the “Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology” showed that drinking diet drinks that contain sugar and aspartame increase the odds for kidney malfunction.

  • Leukemia in men.

Another study, this one published in “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, showed a link between aspartame and leukemia in men.

  • Brain damage.

Last, but not least, a study conducted at the Arizona State University showed that the chemical aspartame is also linked with brain damage.

According to the findings, aspartame leaves traces of methanol in our blood steam.

Regular consumption of aspartame also leads to an imbalance in the antioxidants levels and status in the brain.

A study at the Washington University went even further, showing that the chemical is linked with brain tumors.


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