Top 6 Natural Exercise to Improve Eyesight

When you go to the gym to exercise, you make your body stronger.

So why not exercise your eyes in order to make your vision and eyesight stronger as well?

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There are number of natural exercises you can do during the day that improve your eyesight.

We all suffer from the modern dynamics in today’s world, where we spent most of our time in front of a screen.

Screen time is tiring for the eyes, and they need healing and exercise.

Here is what you can do.

Is bad vision genetic disease or not?

Let’s get something straight, vast majority of people with bad vision and eyesight issues are not born with it.

On the contrary, they develop those issues through the course of their life.

According to latest statistics, nearly 70% of adult Americans have bad vision.

As a result, there is an increase of sales for prescription glasses and contact lenses in the US.

Sometimes, however, those prescription glasses can be avoided by doing the right exercises for your eyesight.

Causes for bad vision

As we mentioned, bad vision is not something that many people are born with.

Instead, they develop it due to several causes.

Some of the biggest factors contributing to bad vision are the following.

The environment is No.1 trigger for bad vision, as there are more and more toxins in the air nowadays.

The toxins that we intake through the air we breathe and the water we drink have a huge effect on our vision.

Visual stress is the second highest factor.

As a society, we are putting enormous amount of strain to our eyes.

Modern electronics are beneficial for our daily life, but they are also damaging for our vision.

We tend to overuse television sets, smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and everything else.

That modern lifestyle takes a toll on the eyes.

Last, but not least, the diet is another factor you need to consider.

Everything you consume has some kind of an effect on your body And if you take proteins to increase muscle power and build, you also need food that is beneficial for your eyes.

Natural Exercises

In many cases, patients have claimed that doing exercises has improved their sight and they have eliminated the need for glasses or/and contact lenses.

While for some patients with extremely damaged eye sight glasses are must-have, it won’t hurt you or cost you to try these exercises.

If nothing more, every one of us spends countless hours in front of a computer and/or TV, and could benefit from some exercises for his/her sight.

Exercise 1 – Switching between views, near and far
The dynamic world we live in commands most people to spend the majority of their time looking at a screen.

We look at the screen either from far away, or from close-up.

With this exercise, you can train your eyes to look at both far and near objects.

Sit and relax, and then focus few minutes on something that is close to you.

Then, in an instant second, switch your focus to an object that is far away.

You can always prepare for this exercise by making sure you position an object close and far away.

Exercise 2 – Stress relief
We are all trained to keep our eyes in a fixed position for long hours.

And that puts a stress on your eyes.

To relief your eyes from stress, imagine the figure eight and try to gaze with your eyes and trace the shape of the figure.

During the exercise, you must keep your head still.

Exercise 3 – Laser focus
For the purpose of this exercise, you’ll need a pen.

Hold it at arm’s length.

Put your focus on the pen, and slowly bring the pen closer to your eyes, until it is almost to your nose.

The ideal distance you are looking for is hand’s length.

Now move the pen back to the original position, all while your eyes are focused on the pen. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 4 – Blinking
Yes, the extremely simple exercise is helpful your sight.

Spend some time during the day trying to blink as much as possible.

Blinking strengthens your eyes, but do not overdo it, and leave the eyes time to heal.

Exercise 5 – Warm up for the eyes
If you are trying to do several exercises at once, start by warming up.

All you need to do is rub your palms together in order to create a shape of a heart.

Now place your palms against the eyes for just five seconds.

Repeat the exercise three times.

Exercise 6 – Eye rolling
Another simple exercise that strengthens your sight, you can do it by looking up and down.

After looking up and down for at least 10 times, start moving your sight in a circle, 10 times clockwise, and 10 times in opposite direction.


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