31 Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide: 31 Reasons Why You Need it Right Now

One of the most common household disinfectants is hydrogen peroxide, or chemically speaking, H2O2.

I am pretty sure that you have a bottle of it in your medicine cabinet.

But what if I tell you that aside from medical hydrogen peroxide uses, there are tons of more ways you can use this disinfectant in your home?

Let me list some of them!

hydrogen peroxide

General Health

Let’s start from the general health hydrogen peroxide uses since the disinfectant is part of the first aid kid.

1. Immune system booster, as the disinfectant can help fight off bacteria, viruses and toxins. What you do not know is that our body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide.

2. Sinus infection – add a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide to water, and you have a solution for your sinus infections

3. Cleaning and healing wounds are one of the most common hydrogen peroxide uses. You need the same 3% solution that you used for the sinus infection. Apply it to the affected area

4. Get rid of acne and boils. While you are healing wounds, you can also treat acne, speeding up the healing process by applying the 3% solution to the infected area. The solution will kill bacteria and cleanse the area

5. Fight foot fungus by using a solution of equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide

6. And while hydrogen peroxide cannot heal the common cold completely, some people have told me that few drops in the ear in the morning is excellent way to relieve the symptoms

7. And if you cannot get rid of bad breath by brushing your teeth, you can always use mouthwash made out of hydrogen peroxide, as the solution kills the bacteria and unhealthy organisms in your mouth that cause the bad breath

8. I mentioned previously that some people use hydrogen peroxide to relieve cold symptoms by dropping it in the ear. Well, the same treatment can be used for treating ear infections

9. Speaking of it, you can mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to prevent “swimmer’s ear”, or ear infections after swimming

10. A toothache is another mouth condition that hydrogen peroxide can help with. Gargle few minutes with the solution in your mouth

11. Last, but not least on the list of hydrogen peroxide uses for general health is yeast infections. As mentioned previously, the solution kills bacteria, and if you didn’t know by now, yeast infections are caused by bacteria and fungus.

In the Kitchen

12. Clean your countertop and cutting board by adding hydrogen peroxide to a spray bottle. Spray on the surface you want to clean, wait few minutes for the solution to kill and bubble away some nasty stains and bacteria, and then wipe with cloth

13. Clean your refrigerator and dishwasher with a similar approach. Since hydrogen peroxide is not toxic, you can use it for places where you store food. Just spray the surfaces, and after few minutes, clean it with a cloth

14. Remove baked crud from pans by combining hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Prepare a paste, and then rub the paste onto the dirty pots and pans. Let it stay for a while, and scrub it off with a sponge and warm water

15. You can also clean your sponges with hydrogen peroxide, by soaking them in a mixture of equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes

16. Keep your salad fresh by combining half a cup of water with one tablespoon of food-grade hydrogen peroxide. Spray the mixture on the salad, and it can stay good for more than just one night.

In the House

17. Clean your mirrors by spraying hydrogen peroxide on the mirrors, and wipe it down after few minutes with a paper towel

18. I am certain that you hate to clean your toilet bowl, but with hydrogen peroxide, it is extremely easy. Let it stand inside for twenty minutes, and then scrub with toilet brush. Flush, and that is it!

19. Your tiles are another area you can clean by using hydrogen peroxide. For this solution, you need hydrogen peroxide and flour. Apply the paste to the tiles, cover it with a plastic wrap, and let it stay overnight. Rinse your tiles the next morning.

Beauty Treatments

20. The same way you use hydrogen peroxide for toothache, you can use it to whiten your teeth. It is a triple effect, with both health and beauty benefits. You can treat toothache, get rid of bad breath, and whiten your teeth in the same time

21. Since hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria, you can effectively use it as a deodorant as well. Prepare a solution of 1:2 ratio with hydrogen peroxide and dish soap, leave it for 30 minutes under your armpits, and then rinse it off

22. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleacher, so it can also be used to whiten your nails, the same way you use it to whiten your hair or teeth. Soak cotton balls in hydrogen peroxide, and dab them onto your nails

23. If you want that perfectly graduated light hair, use hydrogen peroxide by mixing equal parts of the disinfectant and water. Spray the solution into your hair, and distribute it evenly with the use of a comb

24. You can also bleach your entire hair if you want, but remember to be gentle

25. Another great hydrogen peroxide uses is for softening corns and calluses, by mixing equal parts with water and soaking your feet into it

26. I mentioned you can use hydrogen peroxide for ear infections, but also for removing ear wax and make your ears visually appealing. Put some drops of the solution into your ears, and clean them after two minutes with wipe cloth.


27. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as first aid for pets when they get into something toxic. Quick dose of the solution will induce vomiting and your pet’s life will be saved

28. Speaking of pets, hydrogen peroxide can also be used to prevent fungus growth in your aquarium

29. Some of us have small children that we send to school with a lunch box. You can keep that lunch box sanitary by periodically wiping with hydrogen peroxide

30. You can also clean your toddler’s toys and keep them sanitary as well

31. If you have odors in your light-colored clothes, you can easily get them off by washing your clothes in a mixture of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.


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