How to Lower Blood Pressure Easy and Naturally

Called the “silent killer”, high blood pressure or hypertension usually comes with very common symptoms.

In the US, one-third of the population has high blood pressure.

High blood pressure usually leads to stroke, and cardiovascular diseases, which are the number one cause for death in the world.

With that being said, you need to think how to lower your blood pressure in a natural way.

Before we go into the ways you can lower your blood pressure, we must conclude what high blood pressure actually is.

According to medical statistics and data, high blood pressure is a reading above 140/90 mmHg.

So, if you get a high reading, try to follow these steps to lower your blood pressure.

Shed Some Pounds

Losing some extra pounds is always an effective way to lower your blood pressure.

Also, be wary of your waistline. Usually, most of the “fat” accumulates around your waistline.

When your waist pours out of your jeans, usually it is a sign that you need to start losing some pounds.

Being overweight is one of the main causes for high blood pressure.

And losing just 10 pounds will be more than enough for the first step towards healthier life.

Now, about your waistline, there are measurements that doctors have found out that are recommended for both men and women.

For example, for males, the recommended measure of your waistline should be not greater than 40 inches (102cm).

For females, the risk for high blood pressure starts when the waistline is greater than 35 inches (89cm).

Start Exercising

The best way to shed some pounds is to exercise.

Now, I know that for people with obesity, the beginning is the hardest part of the job.

But sometimes, baby steps are all that you need. Start by at walking at least 30 minutes per day, it will be more than enough to lower your initial blood pressure.

Just make sure that the baby steps you are taking are just that, baby steps.

As you feel better, you can increase your exercise program, and start doing some lifting or more cardio exercise.

Swimming and dancing are two alternatives that are fun, exciting and help a lot.

Grab your partner and get some salsa lessons to lower your blood pressure.

The Healthy Diet

People often put dieting as one of the last steps in their goal for a healthy lifestyle.

But if you want to know how to lower blood pressure in a natural way, consuming more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products are the way to go.

There is even a diet specifically designed for people with high blood pressure, called the DASH diet or “Dietary approaches to stop hypertension”.

You can always start making a food diary to keep a record of what and how much you are eating.

Reduce Sodium Intake

The more sodium you consume through the day, the higher your blood pressure will be.

In order to lower blood pressure, you need to limit your sodium intake to less than 2000 milligrams per day.

If you are sensitive to salt intake, you can go even lower.

What many people assume is that lowering sodium is an impossible task.

In reality, it can be as easy as reading food labels and choosing low-sodium alternatives of the food you like.

Some other tips for lowering sodium intake include: stop adding salt to food, eat fewer processed foods, and steam your veggies to preserve their natural taste that is salty.

Alcohol and Smoking

A glass of wine here and there is not a problem.

However, if you are a heavy drinker or a heavy smoker, you might want to reconsider your lifestyle before you finish at the ER.

Try to limit yourself to one drink per day, which can actually be beneficial for you.

Heavy drinking raises blood pressure by several points, and it does double the damage as it reduces the effectiveness of medications for blood pressure.

And when it comes to smoking, every cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure in a minute.

Keep the Stress Away

Arguably one of the hardest tasks when it comes to how to lower blood pressure is to reduce the stress in your life.

I know we are living in an extremely stressful and dynamic society, but everything can be done.

For starters, if you are exercising, you are already winning half the battle with stress, as exercise can reduce your stress levels.

What is also important is to learn and know your stress triggers, and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Make sure to find time in the day to relax and do activities that you enjoy.

Some 20 minutes per day is more than enough to reduce the stress by half.

Cut Back on Caffeine

For all those coffee lovers out there, I feel you. But you must understand the role that caffeine plays in your high blood pressure.

Some say that the role is debated, but the studies are there to show it.

If you are fan of coffee, tea, or other caffeine drinks, I’ve got some bad news for you: you will have to cut back on your favorite beverages.

The best way to see if caffeine raises your blood pressure, make sure to check your pressure after 30 minutes of consuming a caffeine-based beverage.

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