Remove 20 Pounds of Your Body With These 5 Powerful Yet Easy Steps

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how to lose 20 pounds quick, healthy and effective. I can tell you for certain that you are not alone in this goal.

I do not know what your reasons are: a desire for six pack, being able to get into that tight dress you saw in the shopping mall, look great in a swimsuit or simply you want to feel better.

No matter what your reasons are, you are not alone. More often than not, friends ask me why they are not successful in their goal. While there are certain roadblocks that you cannot affect like thyroid issues, cellular toxicity, candida, leaky gut, there are also ways for how to lose 20 pounds in just five simple steps.

The simple math is that in order to lose 20 pounds in one month, you have to cut approximately 2,000 calories using diet and exercise.

On first glance, it looks impossible, but the good news is that I have a way for how to lose 20 pounds, and I am willing to share the steps with you. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Step 1 – Get Rid of Metabolism Death Foods

I’ve previously written about “healthy foods” that are stopping you from losing weight. If you like to know more, feel free to check it out. Now, to put it shortly, you need to remove foods that are slowing down your metabolism and ruining your weight-loss efforts.

Let’s start with processed sugar, arguably your No.1 enemy in your goal for losing weight. The popular belief is that fat makes you fat. Well, the reality is that too much sugar makes you fat.

Processed sugar is usually hidden under fancy names like dextrose, juice concentrate, fructose, corn syrup and much more. Your best way to eliminate processed sugar is replacing it with natural sweeteners like raw honey, or stevia.

Your next enemy is whole grains, and while whole grains are usually considered healthy foods, they contain way too much gluten and starch to be as healthy.

Gluten is one of the main reasons for inflammation, and inflammation is what stops you from getting a fat-free belly. To get rid of whole grains, source your grains from fruits and veggies.

Last, but not least, vegetable oils and canola oils are keeping you away from your goal. I’ve started using coconut oil for looking a long ago, and I am still reaping benefits each and every day.

Step 2 – Fat Burning Foods

Now, once you’ve removed metabolism death foods, you need to start getting some foods that increase your metabolic rate.

I’ll list just a few of the fat burning foods, and for a larger list and more explanation, feel free to read my article on fat burning foods.

To start you off, you need protein, and lean protein no less. Protein is the building block for your muscles, and you can source lean protein from grass-fed beef, chicken, eggs, salmon, mushrooms, and some dairy products.

Next, you want some coconut, since coconut can get your metabolic burn rate into overdrive. Use coconut oil for cooking, coconut milk for your smoothies, and replace your plain water with coconut water.

Vegetables that are high in nutrients are the next group of foods you’d like, and this includes leafy greens and cruciferous vegies mostly.

Last, but not least, do not save up on those seeds. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, all of those are loaded with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and much more nutrients that kick start your metabolism.

Step 3 – Food Preparation

Getting rid of metabolism death foods and including fat burning foods into your diet is nice, but what I’ve learned over the years is that people make the single biggest mistake when it comes to healthy eating: cooking and food preparation.

You can get a nice lean beef piece of meat, and what you do next? You slather your food with some creamy sauce loaded with calories.

Food preparation is most important aspect of healthy eating. Make sure to trim the fat off the meat, take the skin off of fish, and never coat your bread crumbs with additives.

When cooking, make sure not too deep fry foods, as even your vegetables lose their nutritional value when fried. The best and healthiest way is to steam your food and add some healthy spices to increase your metabolic rate.

Step 4 – Call in the Fluids

Hydration is essential in the quest how to lose 20 pounds, no matter it is step 4 on this list. Without hydration, your body decreases the fat burning rate.

Another benefit of drinking water is that it minimizes your appetite, and helps you in the goal of clear skin. Make sure to drink water in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.

A glass of water before every meal ensures you do not overeat. And when it comes to hydration, nothing beats green tea and its antioxidants rich formula.

Stick to 2 to 3 cups of green tea per day, and you’ll notice you are burning faster than ever.

And whatever you do, cut down on sodas and alcohol. The latter is packed with calories, while sodas contain sugar, and lots of it.

Step 5 – Exercise

Now we are getting to the key aspect of how to lose 20 pounds. All the previous steps prepare you for the ultimate goal, and that is exercise. You need to exercise to burn fat, and there are two approaches to exercise for losing weight.

The first and simplest one is the cardio workout. However, I can tell you from experience, that cardio is overrated in the last couple of years.

Technology and innovation have kicked cardio out of the leading spot for weight loss activity. However, if you want to keep things simple, running, biking, swimming, dancing, all those cardio activities will help.

Now, if you want to do it the professional way, tabata training is the way to go. With tabata, you are exercising less, and losing more weight at the same time.

You want tabata training three days per week, with one training lasting anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. The key to tabata is 40 seconds burst exercise, and then 20 seconds active rest.

The term active rest might sound complex, but in reality, it is a simple term used to describe slowly jogging in place.

There you go, my five steps guide for how to lose 20 pounds in one month.

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