See How to Get Rid of The Ugly Looking Stretch Marks

Nearly every woman has had stretch marks once in her life.

Whether it is during puberty, after pregnancy, or after she lost or gained a lot of weight.

The reality is stretch marks are one of the women’s biggest fears, along with cellulite and sagged breasts.

So how can we get rid of them?

how to get rid of stretch marks
Believe it or not, there are countless of natural ways to get rid of stretch marks.

Causes for stretch marks

Stretch marks are a skin condition in which the skin’s middle layer tears, and the result is that the deeper skin layers show off on the surface.

The visible result is white marks forming on the skin’s surface.

While stretch marks are most common for pregnant women, pregnancy is not the only cause of factor contributing to stretch marks.

There are many others, so let’s take a look at them.

Rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss often results with tearing of the skin, and stretch marks appear on the surface.

If you gain weight, the stretch marks might fade off after losing the same weight again.

Next factor on the list is puberty, a period when hormones in our body go completely nuts, and the result is acnes on the face, and stretch marks over the body.

But the biggest reason for stretch marks during puberty is growth spurts, as our body becomes taller, larger and bigger overall.

Corticosteroids are another reason why stretch marks might appear on your skin.

They decrease the collagen levels of your skin, and the result is stretch marks.

If you need to use corticosteroids, make sure that you consult with your physician how to effectively use cortisol, all while keeping your skin elastic and firm.

Last, but not least, genetics also play a role, as women who have had a relative with stretch marks in their family history are more likely to develop stretch marks themselves.

Natural remedies for stretch marks

In some cases, stretch marks fade away on their own, without you doing anything.

However, they do not fade away completely. But, as your skin recovers and heals from the tear, stretch marks fade away.

However, you can always do something to help your skin recover and heal faster.

Here are some natural remedies you can try.

Oil Massage

What you want here are essential oils that help your skin, making it smoother and ease the tightness.

In other words, opt for natural essential oils like olive oil, coconut oil, cod liver, flaxseed or oil rich in Vitamin E.

All of the mentioned oils will do the trick, but you must be gentle with your massage.

The best way is to massage the affected area twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening before you go to bed.

Make sure to use gentle, circle and round movements.

Drinking water

Water is the remedy for almost everything in our life, stretch marks included.

Most of our body is water made, and when it comes to the skin, 64% of it is water.

Keeping yourself hydrated is key to eliminating stretch marks.

Try to avoid fizzy drinks like carbonated drinks, and also avoid beverages containing high doses of caffeine like coffee or black tea.

The trick is to balance things out, and even if you drink coffee, drink lots of water to neutralize the effect.

Eight glasses of water are recommended for the day for almost every diet, but if you reach for a cup of coffee or two, increase the dosage to 10 glasses of water.


Exercising is the key to removing stretch marks, since the more toned your body is, the lower the chances are that you develop stretch marks.

Even if you develop stretch marks, exercising can help you reduce their visibility or completely get rid of stretch marks.

Focus on strength and muscle toning exercises more than on cardio exercises.

Cardio is great, but you need to tone your muscles, not lose weight.

Aloe Vera

Many people consider aloe vera to be “magical plant”.

The reason is simple, this simple and common plant can be used in a variety of ways.

Aloe vera is helpful for skin care treatments, including stretch marks, sunburns, acnes, wrinkles and much more.

The best way to use aloe vera for your stretch marks is to cut a leaf and rub it on the affected area.


Last but not least, your body needs exfoliation, a process that removes dead skin cells from your body and skin and unveils new skin.

The right way to exfoliate is a three step process.

Step one is to use a brush for your daily skin brushing.

This will improve the texture of your skin and lessen the visibility of the stretch marks.

Get yourself a soft brush, and brush before shower.

While in the shower, use an exfoliating scrub to rub it on the skin.

After you’ve scrubbed the affected area, wash yourself.

The last step is to apply lotion that contains Retin-A or some other exfoliant.

The cream will speed up the “skin” process of unveiling new skin cells.


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