[GUIDE] Here’s How You Can Eat Healthy for $50 per Week

Let’s face it, we all want to eat healthy food and live a healthy life.

eat healthy

In reality, most people wrongly mistaken healthy food with an enormous budget.

Yes, eating one or two slices of salmon and/or beef per week is something that will skyrocket you budget.

However, there are ways you can consume healthy food even if you have a tight budget.

So, the next time you think “eating healthy is expensive”, stop for a minute, think for a minute, and try this plant-based, whole food healthy diet.

And the best part is, you need only $50 per week to manage it.

Quick note, the diet plan is for single people.

And men budget can go little higher than women’s.

We all buy more than what we eat each week, so the first step is to limit your shopping to things you eat and need.

With that being said, let’s take a look how you can eat healthy on a budget-friendly, plant-based diet.

Start with fresh products ( $20 weekly )

Fruits and Vegetables
When you are trying to eat healthy, the first stop in the grocery shop you want to visit is the fresh fruits and vegetables section.

Designate approximately $20 of your weekly budget for fresh products.

Buying fresh food once a week ensures that you will always have some fresh fruits and veggies in your fridge.

But limit your purchase to $20. You can throw an extra $5 if you like.

For starters, get one bag of organic leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables (kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, cabbage).

Then, go for one head of cauliflower or broccoli and throw in some celery. It is time for some fruits, a bag of apples, oranges, bananas, everything will do.

Last, but not least, choose the side dishes, like onions, sweet potatoes, avocados.

You can always replace avocado with another vegetable or buy more fruit.

Do not underestimate frozen fruits and vegetables

Frozen Fruits
While the bulk of your money goes for fresh veggies and fruits, you should not neglect frozen foods, especially if you are trying to eat healthy.

People often mistake frozen food with refined, processed and unhealthy food.

However, frozen fruits and vegetables are actually healthy, and they are great if you are trying to grocery shop on a budget.

Frozen greens, broccoli, berries, all of them are excellent choices.

Broccoli and spinach can always be bought frozen, and they are cheaper than fresh.

Mixed vegetables and frozen greens are also must haves.

Just remember, the frozen section is last on your list, and it is where you spend your remaining money from the $50 per week budget.

Hit the bulk section ($10-$15)

After you are done with fresh fruits and vegetables, it is time to visit the bulk section where you should spend between $10 and $15 per week.

Get some beans, nuts, grains and seeds.

Just remember, do not go crazy and in overdrive when you are in the bulk section.

You probably cannot consume one pound of nuts during the week.

Always choose different seeds and nuts each week, and buy approximately two to three ounces per week.

Some suggestions include quinoa, rice, almonds, whole grain oats, beans, nuts, pumpkin seeds and much more.

Do not ignore the Aisle

If you are a fan of oats and rice, you can always get them on the aisles or in containers where you can purchase larger bags.

If you want to consume the same grain for the whole week, always go for the aisles.

You can try canned food as well, as canned beans are affordable, healthy and nutritional.

Some suggestions include flax seeds, chickpeas, lentils, and oats.

Last item on the list – non-dairy products

Non Diary Milk
For your liquids, choose non-dairy milk and yogurt.

Even when you eat whole foods, you want milk and yogurt, as they are must-have items on everyone’s list.

You do not need to spend much money, but pick a container of milk or/and yogurt, depending on your budget.

Where do you get protein from?

The first question many people ask when they are trying a whole food, plant-based diet is where they will get the protein from.

For starters, beans and legumes are both rich in protein.

Oats are also a good option, but you can mix it up and add some mushrooms to your diet.

Nuts are another source of protein that many people underestimate.

It is all about you trying to eat healthy.

Stop making excuses, eating healthy, plant-based food is very plausible.


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  1. I am assuming that is a week per person.

    I like your idea but, $50 a week is not reasonable when your feeding a family of 5 without any assistance. The struggle is real. We do at the least bake almost everything, the crockpot the food not baked.

    • Brenda Lee,

      Obviously stated $50 a person in the article. I understand it being a “struggle” to feed 5,but no one MADE you have so many kids if you can’t easily afford it. It was up to you,don’t complain now or think you’re a hero for it.

  2. The list and budget you’ve provided are unrealistic in my opinion. I have no idea what part of the country you’re from, but in my area we can’t shop organic on such a small budget.

  3. The Author gives guidelines on how to adopt a healthier, plant-based diet on a budget. Never once do they use the word Organic. It is very possible for a single person to spend this amount no matter where you live.

  4. This sounds good but it seems like its for someone who is use to spending little money on grocery because I spend over 200 in grocery shopping alone so its good for people but not everyone

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