10 Powerful And [Easy Steps] To STOP and Cure Fever

There is nothing more I hate in this world than fever. The feeling of being lazy, exhausted, overworn, tired and all you want to do is to go to sleep, but you know you have tasks you need to finish. I can safely say, it is one of the worst feelings in the world.

How to break fever

Now, what you need to know that most colds do not involve a fever, but flu, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with fever. Another thing to point, fever is your body’s natural reaction to illness, trying to fight off the illness and maintain your overall health. Fevers are not illness by themselves, and sometimes you have to suffer through them.

Before you start the task how to break a fever, evaluate your situation. Take your temperature, and see if it is above the normal levels. Just for info, the normal body temperature is between 98 and 100 Fahrenheit (or 36.6 to 37.7 Celsius). Adults can use both oral and rectal thermometers. Now, with that being said, let me take you through my guide how to break a fever in 10 simple steps.

Step 1 – Drink Fluids

When you have fever, you are feeling exhausted because your body lacks fluids. Just by providing your body with lots of fluids, you can break the fever. If you were already drinking lots of water before the fever, increase your dosage for 0.5 to 1 liter per day.

For adults, the recommended dosage during fever is 3 liters for men, and 2.2 liters for women. Drinking water will help your body flush out the illness easier. If you vomit or have diarrhea, drink even more fluids.

Step 2 – Call in the Tea Cavalry

Drinking water is a great way to get more fluids, but if plain old water doesn’t help, call in the tea cavalry. Teas are better option because they are served hot, which helps you sweat and opens up your pores so that your body temperature can drop.

The best option is to look for herbal teas that carry anti-virus and anti-bacteria properties. For example, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, Echinacea tea, ginger, lemon tea, or rosehip tea.

Step 3 – Give Your Gut Health a Boost

Most of the illnesses and diseases start in your gut, and in your digestive system. This is why, providing your body with probiotics can go a long way in breaking the fever.

Probiotics are good bacteria that fight off the bad bacteria in your body. So, for your fluids intake, include a glass of two of yogurt to give your immune and gut health a boost.

Step 4 – A Warm Bath

The best way to fight off the muscle cramps, aches and the feeling of being exhausted is with a warm bath. Add in some Epson salt, magnesium, powdered ginger to the mix.

All of these ingredients will help you alleviate muscle pains. Another option is peppermint tea. If you are not drinking peppermint tea, sprinkle it in your bath.

Step 5 – Soups

I am sure you’ve seen movies where a fellow brings his friend/girlfriend/boyfriend a chicken soup when they are sick.

Soups warm up your body, which will make you sweat, and will also help you get more fluids. But the most important part is soups will provide you with healthy nutrients that your body needs in times of recovering.

Step 6 – More Nutrients

When your body is recovering, you need healthy nutrients to provide it with assets in the battle. Coconut oil is a great way to add more healthy nutrients because it has antiviral and antibacterial properties. You can add coconut oil in fruit smoothies for maximum effect.

Step 7 – Starve

Have you heard the old wives’s tale starve a fever, feed a cold? Well, it works. When I have fever, I try to avoid solid foods and starve my fever. I get my food and nutrients from liquid based sources.

The reason why you should avoid foods while you have fever is that some viruses and bacteria feed off your iron and zinc to survive. Now, I am not suggesting you go into malnutrition and avoid zinc and iron for weeks and months, but few days is more than enough.

Step 8 – Cold Compress

One of the best solutions for how to break a fever is cold compress. All you need is a clean cloth. Soak it up in cool water, wring out the cloth and then use it as a compress. Make sure to change your compress every 10 or 15 minutes.

This will reduce your body’s temperature. Another option is to soak clean cotton socks in water, wring them, and then put the socks around your ankles. You need to change the socks as well. Or you can go the extreme way and put ice packs underneath your arm or groin.

Step 9 – Get Rest

Key part of the process how to break a fever is to get enough rest. I know you are feeling exhausted, and sleep will help. I prefer to get a bath before I get some sleep. Don’t be afraid to take an afternoon nap to give your immune system enough time to recharge.

Step 10 – Try OTC Medication

If all else fails, you can always try some over the counter medication to break a fever. Now, I suggest you try everything else for at least 3 days before you try OTC medication. But that is just me. Now, if your fever is very uncomfortable, you should try OTC medication from day 1. What you can try is aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Your choice!


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