Natural Stress Relief: 5-Minute Hand Reflexology Massage

What do you do at the end of a stressful day at work?

You go home and sleep right.

But, what do you do when you have a family and when your daily job finishes your other job starts?

You reach for the quick fix and go to the pharmacy.

Well not anymore 🙂

Today, we want to tell you about the ancient treatment known as reflexology or “zone therapy”.

The reason is simple, it will give you a natural stress relief “trick” and a way to rebalance your inner self.

The best part?

It takes only 5 minutes to implement it. (we have a video for you too)

But first, let’s briefly discuss what is reflexology?

It is an ancient natural stress relief therapy.

Some evidence shows that its origins come from China and Egypt where the people were practicing various forms of foot and hand therapy.

You can find information that claims Japanese origins but this is because of a Japanese student that studied in China. He brought the technique in Japan and the rest is history.

Two European doctors (Adamus and A’tatis) published the first book on zone therapy back in In 1582.

But, the term “reflexology” was coined by a Russian psychiatrist in 1800s.

In the USA, this technique came in the 1900’s with the help of William H. Fitzgerald an American doctor that returned from Vienna.

Advocating this new field and sharing his findings made him the father of the modern reflexology in the U.S.
Now, there is another interesting fact.

What separates Dr. Fitzgerald’s practice and approach from the others is the fact that he discovered a hidden benefit of the treatment. His discovery says that when you apply pressure to certain points it not only relieves pain but deals with the underlying causes, too.

How does it work?

Have in mind that this approach is categorized as an alternative medicine and it hasn’t been well explored in the scientific community.

Here’s the magic behind it.

Reflexologists claim that blocked energy fields can lead to various illnesses.

To unblock these energetic points and begin the healing process, you should stimulate the feet and hands which enable the vital energy to flow into the different body parts.

Although this is an alternative medicine practice, the experienced and professional reflexologists demand the full medical history of their patients prior to the treatments.

It is good to know that the patients remain fully dressed except their feet and hands.

The reflexologist massages the feet and the hands using lotion or oils.

Then he/she starts applying pressure to certain reflex points on the hands and the feet. Additionally, they may use other props like:

  • Wooden sticks
  • Clothespins
  • Combs
  • Rubber balls or bands
  • Tongue depressors
  • Wire brushes
  • Special massage tools
  • Hands probes
  • Clamps

Have in mind that the treatment should never hurt. If you feel pain make sure to communicate this with the reflexologist.

The session can last half or one hour. It depends on your treatment plan.

Additionally, you can learn how to DIY this treatment.

Watch this video for a demonstration:

DIY: 5-Minute Natural Stress Relief

The bonus in all of this is to learn how to help yourself using this methodology.

To do this, you must understand the “magic” behind every finger of your hands.

According to this article, here is the list:

  • Thumbs will help combat emotions like anxiety and worry.
  • Index fingers can help combat feelings of fear.
  • Middle fingers help you manage resentment and anger.
  • Ring fingers help to combat sadness or depression and encourage decisiveness.
  • Lastly, pinky fingers will help you increase optimism and self-confidence as well as reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Here’s how to use this

If you want to harmonize your energy:

  1. Grasp whichever finger you need with the opposite hand and wrap it completely with the fingers and thumb.
  2. Starting from your thumb or pinky (whichever you prefer), hole each finger for one to two minutes.

(You know it works when you feel a pulsing sensation coming from the pressure point on your hand.)

If you want to calm your mind:

  1. With the thumb of the opposite hand, push into the center of your palm
  2. Apply pressure for 1 minute.

These techniques will help you stay calm and balanced regarding how bad your boss is 🙂

Would you try this?

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