Top 7 Habits Healthy People do Every Morning

They say breakfast is the most important meal in your day.

Breakfast gives you power and energy to last through the day.

In that same analogy, your morning routine is not something you should ignore.

Healthy people usually have healthy habits, and they start from the moment they wake up.

Here are 7 healthy habits that you can do every morning and that will improve your overall health and mood.

Wake up and drink a glass of water

Cold Water
As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water. Count this glass in those 8 glasses of water that you need through the day.

Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps your body rejuvenate, rehydrate and revive your digestive system.

You need water to get your juices flowing, and if you incorporate this habit, you will see results after just one month.

For starters, you will have clearer skin and your digestion will improve.

Add a squeeze of lemon and there are even more health benefits.

Avoid your smartphone for at least an hour

Avoid smartphone
Now, we know that the dynamic world we live in requires us to be constantly available for communication, and that includes checking email on our smartphone.

But try to resist the habit of grabbing your phone as soon as you wake up.

Try to ignore your phone and emails for at least an hour after you wake up.

As a result, your mind will be more focused and clear, and you will be happier.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Take a Breath of Fresh Air
Water and air, those are the two things we absolutely cannot survive without.

So, after you drank a glass of water, step outside (on your balcony or in front of your door), and take a deep breath of fresh air.

No matter if it is cold or not, it will take you only 10 seconds. Remind yourself you are alive and breathing.

Say Thank You

Say Thank You
With water and air settled, you need to fill your brain with a positive attitude.

So, after you wake up, take a moment to think of some things that you are thankful for and you have gratitude. S

ay thank you, either in yourself or loud.

If you can think of more than one thing, even better.


Now, let’s get something straight, you do not need one hour of workout.

Solid five or ten minutes of stretching and moving your body will do the trick.

Doing few exercises early in the morning before you have breakfast is a great way to kick start your body and metabolism, as well as your blood flowing.

Exercising also shakes up your waking-up mode and fills you with energy.

If you are not much into exercising, you can always play your favorite song and dance.

Prepare a healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast
We mentioned at the beginning that a healthy breakfast is key for your overall health.

Eating healthy breakfast will provide you with enough energy to go through the day.

People say that breakfast is the most important meal in the day, and you must eat 30 minutes after waking up.

But what many people forget to mention is “what you eat”.

If your breakfast consists of unhealthy food, it will do more harm than good. Some ideas for a healthy breakfast include smoothies, eggs, soaked oats.

Neither of them takes more than 10 minutes for preparation.

You can even prepare smoothies in the evening, and leave them in the fridge for early consumption.

Time for affirmations

i can
Building confidence is a habit that requires a daily dose of positive injection.

Before you walk out of your home in the morning, go in front of the mirror, and say some positive affirmations to yourself.

Some ideas: “I feel great”, “I radiate confidence”, “Every cell in my body is healthy”.


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