Don’t Worry! These Unique Foods Come Without an Expiration Date

Our basic food safety is to throw anything that has passed its expiration date.

Our food habits also command us to check for the expiration date anytime we visit the grocery store or the supermarket.

Expired Food
And while expiration date is an important factor, believe it or not, there are foods that you can consume way past its expiration date, even years after. Here are 10 that you can eat no matter if their date has expired.

yogurtYogurt – two weeks past the expiration date

Bear in mind, this only applies for plain yogurt or any other yogurt that contains fruits.

If there are eggs in the yogurt, after the expiration date you need to throw it away.

Check the ingredient list on the yogurt.

Also, if it is a yogurt-based desert, it goes straight to the recycle bin the moment the date expires.

But for plain yogurt, it is safe and secure to consume it even after two weeks have passed.

PastaPasta – one year past the expiration date

The best thing about pasta is that it doesn’t contain water. Therefore, it doesn’t spoil easily.

You can store your pasta for up to one year in a dry place.

The best way to store pasta is in a metal container.

And if you have prepared your pasta and it contains water, you can still eat it three weeks after you have prepared it.

BreadBread – few days past expiration date

With bread, the trick is simple, as long as your bread doesn’t smell sour or spoiled, you can eat it.

Most people throw bread if they notice mold on it.

But even with mold, you can consume your stale bread as long as it doesn’t smell sour, and you are okay with it.

ChocolateChocolate – two years past the expiration date

A chocolate bar can’t “survive” for more than one week.

However, do not worry if you haven’t had a chance to eat your bar last month. It will be still good this month, and even two years after the date has expired.

One thing, though, after two years, the chocolate will not have the same taste as if you consume it within the expiration date.

CheeseCheese – varies depending on the type/kind

Cheese is a little bit tricky, as some cheeses last longer than others.

For example, hard cheeses, think cheddar, for example, can be consumed up to ten months after the expiration date.

Soft cheeses, on the other hand, like brie and camembert, for example, last only 10 days past their expiration date.

The thing you need to watch the most with cheeses is to remove the mold. Most cheeses are good past their expiration date as long as you remove the mold.

Potato ChipsPotato Chips – few months past expiration date

If you keep your potato chips in a sealed bag, you can consume it few months past their expiration date.

And the best part is, the potato chips will be as fresh as you bought them yesterday.

However, bear in mind that if you open the bag, and you do not seal it tight, the potato chips won’t be as crisp as the day you’ve opened it. An open bag can last only a few days past the expiration date.

CerealCereal – few months past expiration date

There is a reason why cereals are one of the best options for a healthy breakfast. They last.

That is why it is always a good option to buy a bigger package of cereals and store them properly.

Now, the trick is, how to store the cereal?

The best way is to store cereals in a dry place.

This way, your cereal can last few months past the expiration date, which will allow you to buy bigger packages that are usually cheaper.

KetchupCondiments – three months past expiration date

Mayo, ketchup, jams, all these condiments can be used up to three months past their expiration date.

Simply use your nose and smell the condiments. If you are not getting a smell that makes you disgusting, you can eat your mayo.

Frozen-FoodFrozen food – two months past expiration date

The trick is, of course, not to open the frozen packages. If you constantly defrost and freeze the frozen food products, they won’t last.

However, if you are not defrosting them, your frozen veggies, pastries, and proteins can last up to two months past their expiration date.

BananasVegetables and fruits – until not rotten

Bananas are the prime example here. Most people throw away their bananas the moment they notice few brown spots.

In reality, the more brown spots a banana has, the healthier it is.

Wilted greens are another example.

So, until your veggies and fruits are not rotten, do not throw them away just because you’ve noticed few spots here and there.


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