Top 9 Foods High in Vitamin D that Will Get You Equipped

After vitamin C, vitamin D might be the most important vitamin for our body.

Essential for the health of our bones, deficiency of vitamin D can also link do other not so good conditions.

The best way to get a healthy dose of vitamin D is by going out to the sun, and expose yourself.

Sadly, not every one of us can get vitamin D in a natural way.

The other way to get the sunshine vitamin is by consuming foods high in vitamin D.

And when your body has troubles absorbing the vitamin, or when there is not enough sun (in the winter for example), getting a healthy dose from foods high in vitamin D is the only way.

Here are some.

Vitamin D rich foods

Top 9 Foods High in Vitamin D that Will Get You Equipped

1. Cod Liver Oil

One tablespoon of cod liver oil provides you with two times the daily needed dose.

If you cannot stand the taste, try to swallow just one teaspoon, which gives you 80% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin D.

And remember, you are not only getting vitamin D but also vitamin A and omega-3 fats from cod liver oil.

2. Oily Fish

When it comes to fishes, there are multiple choices you can make.

There is a reason why almost every healthy diet contains a slice of fish at least once every three days.

In addition to providing you with omega-3 fatty acids, fish is also a crucial source of vitamin D.

One of the best options is cooked trout, which contains 90% of the daily dose of vitamin D in just one cooked fillet.

Salmon, swordfish, white fish, mackerel, herring and tuna are also good choices.

But one of the cheapest and easiest ways is to get sardines.

Just a small tin of sardines gives you more than enough vitamin D, but also vitamin B12, protein, and selenium.

As for the expensive choices, catfish and swordfish are the best, since they feed on planktons.

For clarification, planktons constantly create vitamin D from the sunlight.

3. Orange Juice

I know you might be surprised to find orange juice on this list.

But I am not talking to the standard, fresh orange juice you get from juicing your oranges.

In this case, we are talking about fortified orange juice.

In order to help people get more vitamin D, companies have started producing fortified orange juices that contain a low amount of sugar, but a high amount of vitamin D.

4. Mushrooms

One of the best options is shiitake and button mushrooms.

The trick with mushrooms is to look for mushrooms exposed to sunlight during their growth period.

You can also expose them to the sun before you eat them. This way, you get more vitamin D from them.

Dried shiitake are an excellent choice since they were exposed to sunlight during the drying period.

Shiitake are also great at sucking up sunlight, and they also provide you with vitamin B1 and B2.

Just remember, you want mushrooms dried in a natural way, not artificially dried mushrooms.

5. Cereals

Same as with the orange juice, companies, and brands have found a way to popularize cereals by fortifying them with vitamins and minerals.

The next time you are buying cereals from your grocery store, look at the nutritional value and see if you get any vitamin D from there. One of my favorites is Kellogg’s.

6. Caviar

This might be an expensive choice, but caviar belongs on the list of foods high in vitamin D.

It might not contain as much vitamin D as other foods, but nevertheless, one ounce of caviar contains 6% of your daily dose of vitamin D.

And since nobody stops at just an ounce, one serving of 100 grams contains 20% of the daily dose of vitamin D.

7. Pork

Not many types of meat belong on the list of foods high in vitamin D, but pork does, especially extra lean ham.

Ribs and pork sausages are also good choices.

When it comes to vitamin D, in 100 grams of extra lean pork ham, you get 16% of your daily dose of vitamin D.

8. Eggs

If you want to maximize the potential of your eggs and enrich them with vitamin D, make sure to hard boil them.

Hard-boiled eggs contain two times more vitamin D than poached and scrambled eggs for example.

In 100 grams of hard-boiled eggs, you get approximately 15% of the daily dose of vitamin D.

9. Milk

Last, but not least on the list of foods high in vitamin D is milk, and again, the fortified version.

For those of you who prefer orange juice, go for that.

However, there are still people, children especially, that love drinking milk.

Luckily, companies have started fortifying milk as well.

Cow milk is the best option, in this case, containing about 10% of recommended daily dose per one glass of milk.

Soy and rice milk are also good options, but you have to check the label to be sure.


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