Top 10 High Cholesterol Catastrophic Foods You Should Stop Eating NOW

Even if you are not a nutritionist, you probably know that eating fried chicken and fries on a regular basis is bad for your health.

If you do not know that, well, chances are you have high cholesterol levels.

Fried food, chicken, and fries especially, are loaded with fat and cholesterol.

A diet that is high in cholesterol, trans fats and saturated fats usually leads to raised cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and risks for heart diseases.

The thing with cholesterol is that our bodies already produce more than enough cholesterol.

It is not a type of micronutrient (like protein and carbs) that we must source from our diet.

We can consume some low amounts of cholesterol, but high and excessive consumption vastly increases your chances of stroke or heart disease.

If you value your life, try to avoid these foods high in cholesterol.

Foods high in cholesterol

Egg Yolk

For quite some time, eggs were banned from the breakfast table.

Nowadays, they are back there.

The trick with eggs is a balance.

I know they are one of the best sources of protein, and if you do not want to separate the yolk, one or two eggs for breakfast gives you more cholesterol than your body can process.

Per 100 grams of egg yolk, you get around 1000mg of cholesterol.

If you have eggs for breakfast, try to avoid other foods high in cholesterol for the rest of the day.


Chicken is also considered low-fat meat choice, making it extremely healthy.

However, even chicken can be high in cholesterol, especially if you consume chicken liver.

In general, liver is one meat source you want to avoid at all cost since it contains more than 200% of the daily value of cholesterol you can process in just 100 grams.

The way you cook your chicken also contributes to the amount of cholesterol you get.

For example, a chicken leg with the skin on has more cholesterol than a hamburger.


Speaking of hamburger and cheeseburger, two of America’s most popular fast food choices, we cannot stress enough how unhealthy they are.

Occasionally, you can treat yourself with a cheeseburger.

And you can afford a fast food restaurant for lunch.

However, that bear in mind that almost any burger you get at a fast food restaurant contains around 100mg of cholesterol.

If you go for a bigger burger, you might get to 200 or 300mg of cholesterol.


When I speak of fish, I am generally referring to fish oils.

You want to avoid that fish oil that is mostly found in the skin.

For example, herring oil contains around 700mg of cholesterol per 100g.

Other fish oils high in cholesterol include sardines, sardine oil, salted cod, salmon oil, menhaden oil.

Another note, fish are (generally) healthy choice because of the high amount of omega-3 fatty acids they contain.

To get the best benefits, eat your fish without the skin.

Macaroni and Cheese

Another popular American food, mac, and cheese are loaded with ingredients with cholesterol.

Milk, butter, cheese, all of these are ingredients you want to avoid.

One way to make mac and cheese a healthy dish is by using 1% milk or evaporated milk instead of whole milk and low-fat cheese instead of normal cheese.


Butter is considered animal fat sourced foot.

And it comes loaded with cholesterol. In 100g of butter, you get more than 200mg of cholesterol, which is more than you could process.

Light butter is the best option you can choose as it comes with only 5% of the daily value of cholesterol you need and can process.


Bacon and eggs might be a popular breakfast choice, but if you are fighting cholesterol, you might want to avoid bacon at all cost.

Per 100g of bacon, you get 110mg of cholesterol.

Other processed meats that are high in cholesterol include blood sausage, salami and pepperoni, beef sticks and pork sausage.

Red Meat

Even lean veal can be high in cholesterol when cooked.

I know that red meats, veal especially is considered healthy food because of the amount of protein it packs in one serving.

However, you also get a healthy dose of cholesterol.

Like many other foods high in cholesterol on this list, the trick is to balance.

If you are having veal for lunch, avoid fish oil for the day.

Or do not get veal for lunch when you have bacon for breakfast.

Ice Cream

I cannot name a person who doesn’t love ice cream.

It is one of the all-time favorite desserts.

The sad part is that ice cream is another food source high in cholesterol.

And we are getting tons of it.

According to statistics and data, in 2007, America produced more than 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream.

So, what can you do?

Well, I say skip the ice cream and get a fresh fruit salad instead for a desert.


Speaking of popular dessert choices, pastries are next on the list right after ice cream.

But a sponge cake comes packed with 170mg of cholesterol, with popular choices like Danish pastries, pecan pie, cream puffs, brownies and butter cookies following.

As long as pastries are made from eggs and animal fats, you are better off without them.


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