Ultimate Guide: How to Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss

I’ve written so many times about weight loss, but I’ve never written about essential oils for weight loss.

You might think I am crazy.

Like, essential oils for weight loss?


Yes, yes, most of you use essential oils for other purposes, such as aroma in your home, air cleaning, adding scent to the washing machine, pests traps, scrubs, tea, and much more.

But what I am here to tell you is that you can use essential oils to stimulate parts of the brain, which in essence will help you lose weight.

Now, how does that work?

Well, stay with me and I will guide you through several essential oils and their usage in the weight loss industry.

Grapefruit Oil

The first oil that comes to mind when weight loss is mentioned is grapefruit oil.

What grapefruit does is activating certain enzymes in your body that break down fat.

We already know that grapefruit, due to its richness in vitamin C can help with weight loss, but the essential oil can be just as effective.

How to use grapefruit oil for weight loss?

The simplest and easiest way is to prepare a drink, by mixing few drops of grapefruit essential oil with water.

Drink in the morning and in the evening to flush out toxins from your body and body fat.

The second way is by massaging areas where you have accumulated fat (belly, thighs, and so on).

Make sure to dilute the grapefruit oil with coconut oil, olive oil or any other carrier oil.

After massaging for 30 minutes, let the skin soak the solution for several hours before washing.

Last, but not least, combine ginger oil, orange oil, sandalwood, and lemon essential oil with grapefruit in a warm bath.

Add five drops of each oil to your bath for getting rid of cellulite.

Cinnamon Oil

The next item on the menu is cinnamon oil, one that has powerful fat burning properties.

Cinnamon also helps with regulation of blood glucose levels.

By balancing sugar levels, cinnamon essential oil will help you get rid of sugar cravings, which in the long run, helps you lose weight.

How to use cinnamon essential oil?

There are two ways.

The first one is to drink a glass of water combined with one teaspoon of raw honey and few drops of cinnamon oil.

Drink water before your breakfast and in the evening.

The second way is to inhale cinnamon oil before meals.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is one of my favorites due to its refreshing aroma and scent.

As with other essential oils for weight loss on the list, lemon helps you suppress weight gain, increases your energy levels, and relieves pain.

But the most important compound in lemon essential oil is limonene, a compound that has powerful fat-dissolving powers.

You can use lemon essential oil as a beverage, by adding few drops to your glass of water before meals.

This way you can flush toxins out of your body, and reduce cravings for unhealthy food.

The other way is by massaging your cellulite areas with lemon essential oil, making your thighs healthier and thinner.


Ginger is one of the fat burning foods you can never go wrong with.

This powerful spice alone can help you lose 10 pounds in one or two months, but using it in the form of essential oil is easier and more practical.

Ginger reduces sugar cravings first and foremost, and then reduces inflammation.

I won’t be the first one to tell you that inflammation is the enemy No.1 for weight loss, and one of the biggest causes for diseases and illnesses.

Ginger also helps with absorption of healthy nutrients and promotes healthy digestive system.

The easiest and most practical way is to add drops of ginger essential oil to your drinking water.

Have one glass of water in the morning, just as you wake up and get up from bed.


With its intense flavor and aroma, peppermint essential oil can be a little too much for you to handle.

Don’t worry, you can find ways to ease up the intensity of peppermint.

In addition to reducing appetite, this essential oil composed of 70% menthol increases your energy and boosts your mood.

For centuries, peppermint essential oil has been used for indigestion, and now you can reap the weight benefits in a simple way.

As with other oils on the list, the simplest way is to diffuse few drops in water and drink before meals.

However, what I recommend is to start your day with a warm bath, with few drops of peppermint oil in it.

This way, you can kick start your day with refreshing bath, and you’ll reduce your cravings through the day.


Sweet, spicy and tangy, bergamot essential oil is best to use to increase energy levels.

I recommend using bergamot essential oil when you are stressed and need to calm down.

There are few ways to incorporate this delight into your daily routine.

The first one is to put few drops of the oil on a cloth and inhale the vapors.

This will calm you down, and reduce the effect of stress-eating.

For a more calming effect, mix few drops of bergamot oil with one teaspoon of honey and a glass of coconut milk.

If you want to start your day with bergamot, add few drops of the oil into your morning bath.

Last, but not least, once you come back home from work, prepare a mixture of olive oil and bergamot essential oil.

Using round and gentle movements, bub your feet and neck for calming massage.


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