Early Diabetes Symptoms That Will Make You Act On Time

Living with diabetes is one of the worst experiences one go through.

And frankly, it is not only damaging to the person living with diabetes, but to the ones close to him as well.

Now, I don’t want to sound harsh, but I had a friend whose mother and father both had diabetes.

Her life was painful, stressful, and it took a toll on her, as she couldn’t find time for her, and she found the love of her life only after her parents were deceased so she could have some time.

What I am trying to say here is that if you detect the symptoms of diabetes early, your life and the life of those around you can be much easier.

If your diabetes progresses and develops to the point you need constant, 24hour care, it is too late.

Let’s go over some of the diabetes symptoms that can be detected in the early stages, and they are a signal you should change some of your lifestyle habits.

Diabetes Symptoms

Increased Urination and Excessive Thirst

Arguably one of the best diabetes symptoms, increased urination is a signal from your body that something is wrong with your bladder movement.

At the same time, you are experiencing excessive thirst, making this a vicious cycle that doesn’t seem to end.

You drink, you urinate, and then you urinate some more, and you are getting thirstier and thirstier.

Normal persons urinate four to seven times per day.

Any more than that and you should check for diabetes.

The most telling sign is if you need to wake up constantly in the night to go to the bathroom.

Weight Loss

No, this is not that good weight loss that happens as a result of the change in diet and exercising.

You are starting to lose weight, and there is no logical explanation why.

Case in point, check your blood sugar levels and consult your physician what to do.

No matter what you think, the body is pretty smart and intelligent.

Your glucose is not used for energy, as the cells are not receiving it.

Therefore, your body, as smart as it is, goes into condition thinking you are starving, and starts breaking protein from the muscles for energy.

Your kidneys are working in overdrive to eliminate the excessive amount of sugar, and the result is a loss of bundle of calories.

Constant Hunger

Another early sign of diabetes is constant hunger.

Just several minutes after your meal, you are starting to feel hungry again.

Does that happen to you?

If it does, I hate to tell you, but the chances are you are in the early stages of diabetes.

Since your blood sugar levels plummet, your body craves for more food and energy.


If you are going to the bathroom constantly in the night, it is only logical that you are feeling tired.

You are not getting your proper sleep, and your body are exhausted.

Being tired and fatigued also results with irritability.

The good news is that once you bring your blood sugar down, you will come back to earth and feel better.

Sometimes, people with early symptoms of diabetes often tell they didn’t realize bad they felt until they get their sugar down.

Just think about it, they can get used to it being chronically fatigued.

Skin Problems

The skin around your neck can get darker, which is one of the early diabetes symptoms that are visible.

As a result of poor circulation to the skin, moisturize and dry skin, your skin also becomes irritated and itchy.

Another skin problem that can occur as a result of diabetes is acanthosis nigricans.

Blurry Vision

When your blood sugar level is high, the shape of the lens in your eye changes.

As a result, you are experiencing distorted and blurry vision.

But, do not panic, it is a condition that can be managed and treated.

The moment your blood sugar comes back to normal levels, your vision will come back to you.

However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the problem and not check your glucose level.

If you are going for longer periods with high blood sugar, the condition might cause permanent damage to the eye, sometimes even blindness.

And I hate to break it you, but blindness is not reversible.

Complications due to Ignoring Diabetes Symptoms

Early detection of diabetes symptoms is crucial for decreasing the risk of complications that occur due to diabetes.

Here are some of the complication that might occur due to diabetes symptoms and their development:

  • Neuropath, or foot complications causing numbness in the feet
  • DKA, ketoacidosis
  • Nephropathy or kidney disease happens due to your kidneys working in overdrive to flush out glucose
  • High blood pressure or hypertension is the next step when you are ignoring diabetes symptoms
  • And if you continue to ignore your diabetes symptoms and high blood pressure, your risk for stroke rapidly increases
  • Gastroparesis

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