De-stressing After Work! 13 Tips to Help You Unwind

If you don’t find a way to deal with stress, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack – literally. Heart attacks and anxiety are just two of the serious health issues that can arise if you carry too much stress around. When you get off of work, de-stressing can be hard to do. Here are 13 tips to help you unwind at the end of the day.

1. Surround Yourself with Pleasant Smells 

Certain smells can help you relax and reduce stress. Natural aromas are the best for relaxation. Look for scented candles or oils like:

  •     Orange Zest
  •     Cedar Wood
  •     Pine
  •     Eucalyptus
  •     Lavender

Another great product option to consider is to check out Serenity oil from our partners at Doterra.  This oil helps promote relaxation in any environment you find yourself in. I would highly recommend our readers to try this oil out!

2. Happy Feet, Happy Life

If you work in the medical field, retail, or any other job where you stand on your feet a lot, part of your stress is probably coming from your aching feet. Get a jet-streaming foot bath with aromatherapy salts to make your feet happy at the end of the day.

3. Sleep Better

It’s a known fact that when you don’t get enough sleep your health suffers. One way to sleep better is to invest in a good pillow. If you have disrupted sleep throughout the night, make up for those missed hours with a power nap.

4. Use Light and Color to De-Stress

When the sun goes down, start dimming the lights to create a softer atmosphere and help your mind to unwind. Choose calming colors and soft lights to enhance a relaxing and stress-free ambiance.

5. Find a Good Massager

Massage pads are great for de-stressing muscles in specific areas.
6. Soak in a Hot Tub

Heat is a relaxer. Sit in a hot bath after a particularly stressful day.

7. Clean Up Your Living Environment 

Clutter and mess add to stress. Clean up your living environment even if you have to pay for a professional cleaning.

8. Take a Walk

Even if it’s just a quick, 15-minute walk, being out in the fresh air and getting your blood circulating is a stress reliever.

9. Laugh More

It’s as simple as that – go out and mingle with friends, talk to a funny relative or watch something that makes you laugh. Laughter is truly great medicine for stress.

10. Try Adult Coloring Books or Journaling

Adult coloring books are a new trend for helping lots of people de-stress. Or maybe you prefer journaling. Whatever it is, do a mental activity that will get your mind off of work to help you unwind.

11. Just Breathe

Spend one minute inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

12. Wind Down to Soothing Music

Classical, nature sounds or even white noise can help you unwind. Find music that lulls you to sleep and spend a half an hour after work relaxing to soothing music.

13. Put Your Phone Away

Part of your stress may be your constantly ringing phone. Unplug, log out and put the phone down.

Be sure to share any tricks for de-stressing that work for you!

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