Cucumber Water – Should You Drink It? And How to Make It?

When it comes to water infused drinks, most of us are familiar with lemon water and its benefits.

But lemon water is not the only water infused recipe you can make.

Cucumber water is just as good, if not better in some cases.

Many people enjoy this healthy and refreshing drink at home, so why not you?

There are a lot of benefits of drinking cucumber water.

Cucumbers not only add flavor, but they also provide vitamins and minerals essential for your health.

In medicine, cucumber has been used for centuries.

The veggie is mostly made of water, so it is not surprising that one of the biggest benefits of cucumber is improved hydration [1]

Adding the vegetable to a bottle of water will help you reap all those benefits.

And let’s be honest, some of us prefer drinking cucumber water to eating raw cucumber.

What are the benefits?

Cucumber Water


As mentioned previously, one of the biggest benefits of drinking cucumber water is that it will keep you hydrated throughout the day [2]

You are getting double benefits.

One from the water, and another from the vegetable, which is also made of water.

And when you add flavor and taste to your glass of water, you are likely to drink more of it.

Cucumber adds a refreshing and cooling taste to regular tap water.

And out of a sudden, it doesn’t seem so bland.

Without water and hydration, your body and its organs cannot function properly.

Your skin will also look worse without water.

Adding water helps your entire body, not just your diet [3]

Helps with weight loss

One of the biggest principles of losing weight is to drink more water.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is key that you consume drinks that are good for your health, and do not taste boring in the same time.

Water helps with weight loss, but more often than not, its taste is boring [4]

Therefore, a lot of people wrongfully reach for fruit juices and sports drinks that can be full of sugar.

The solution?

Cucumber water that is both refreshing, and tasty in the same time.

And because cucumber has almost zero calories, you are not adding anything bad to your diet [5]

Cucumber also helps you flush out toxins out of your body, another important aspect of losing weight.

And because you are drinking water constantly, you feel fuller throughout the day.

Support healthy skin

We said previously that the skin needs hydration.

Cucumber water is great for supporting healthy skin.

Same as with weight loss, water with cucumber will help to flush out toxins that accumulate in the skin.

Basically, you will get rid of all the bad things causing your skin to look old and get some nutrients that nourish your skin.

Cucumber is rich in B vitamins and pantothenic acid, both of which help with acne.

Consuming cucumber water on a regular basis will result in clearer skin and help you balance the natural oil production of your skin.

Getting vitamins and minerals

One of the biggest benefits of cucumber water is that you load up on vitamins and minerals.

It is not only B vitamins.

Cucumber is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin A.

The former is crucial because our body cannot produce vitamin C on its own.

And it is one of the most important vitamins, playing a role in boosting our immune system.

Vitamin A, on the other hand, helps boost muscle mass and other functions in our body.

Getting some antioxidants

Everyone knows that antioxidants are essential for a healthy life [6]

It is like a McGuffin in healthy living and healthy diets.

Antioxidants are crucial in fighting off free radicals, molecules that can cause a ton of damage to our skin and body.

Free radicals cause buildups of toxins.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, help in the detoxification process of our body.

In addition, antioxidants are linked with a number of health benefits.

They can help with problems that affect us early and later in life.

For example, antioxidants help fight off Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and help with cancer prevention.

Improve bone and blood health

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K, and they also help transport calcium to the bones.

One cup of cucumber slices contains 17 micrograms of vitamin K, which translates to almost 20% of the recommended daily value.

In other words, prepare a bottle of water with cucumbers, and you get 1/5 of your daily vitamin K value.

Vitamin K is responsible for helping the body make proteins for normal blood clotting.

Vitamin K also helps transport calcium to the bones.

With that in mind, consuming cucumber water will improve both your bone and blood health [7]

Reduce bloating

Cucumbers are considered a natural diuretic.

That means they help the body flush out excess water, toxins, and other waste material.

Cucumbers help you by triggering the kidneys to produce more urine.

It seems contradictory and ironic, but drinking cucumber water will help you get rid of excess water from your system [8]

That means no more bloating, and no more water retention.

Improve your breath

We all want a fresh and cool breath.

Keeping your body hydrated may reduce odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

For example, just holding a slice of cucumber in your mouth with your tongue will boost saliva production.

Drink cucumber water to wash away bacteria causing bad breath.

Why drink it

drinking Cucumber Water

The most important reason for drinking cucumber water is it keeps your balance healthy.

Where else can you find cheap and effective way to get all of those benefits [9] ?

Cucumber is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep your body hydrated, improve bone health, improve blood health, and get a great amount of vitamins and minerals.

Drinking water is an affordable option, but we all want something that also tastes good [10]

Cucumber helps you add inexpensive flavor and more health benefits to regular water drinking.

No need of spending money on so-called “miracle products” for health benefits.

All you need is several slices of cucumber and a bottle of water.

How to make cucumber water?

how to make Cucumber Water

Cucumber water is as easy to prepare as lemon water.

Yes, in most cases, it is just about putting some cucumber slices in a bowl of water.

However, there are nuances you can also pay attention to.

For example, when you want to get more hydration, add some mint in your cucumber water bowl.

Mint also helps add some extra taste, inviting you to drink more throughout the day.

Celery is another vegetable you can add for more hydration, as it is another veggie made out of water.

To summarize, several slices of cucumber, half a cup of celery, and a handful of mint leaves, ad them in a large jug of water and pop it in the fridge.

On the other hand, when you want to prepare cucumber water that boosts your immune system, add lemon.

You might find it odd to mix vegetables and fruits, but lemon and cucumber work great together.

The addition of vitamin C in lemon will make the water that much more nutritious and healthy.

Again, for extra taste, you can add mint leaves.

Last, but not least, if your goal is to lose weight, peel the cucumbers before adding them to the water.

Peeling ensures you get rid of graininess.

Once you peel and slice the cucumber, let it soak up into the water for one hour.

Then, you can start drinking it.

Top 8 Proven Cucumber Water Benefits


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