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How to Lose 100 pounds in 6 months?

Losing weight is always a challenge. But when your goal is to lose 100 pounds in 6 months, you are talking about a complete transformation. And that will require a little bit of extra effort on your side. To go through a complete transformation, you will have to change a couple of your habits, including […] Read More

Top 11 Cannabis Oil Benefits Including Cancer Prevention

Cannabis oil is becoming more and more popular natural remedy for many common ailments. The cannabis oil benefits stream from the cannabidiol, one of the 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. The main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and that is what causes the sensation of getting […] Read More

What are the Benefits and Vegetable Glycerin Uses?

Vegetable glycerin, or also known as glycerol can be found in almost everything these days. You can find it in food items, medications, cosmetics, lotions, and even shampoos. Without knowing it, you are probably using glycerin on a daily basis. Among the many uses, we can divide them in three groups: for your skin, for […] Read More

Birch Leaf – The Best Natural Remedy You Can Find in Your Backyard

Birch tree has a long and distinguished history of both commercial and medicinal use. It is a shame that we have access to such a powerful natural remedy, and we rarely use it [1]. If you have access to birch trees, take advantage of their medicinal properties today. What is birch leaf exactly? Those are […] Read More

Graviola – Does it Really Help Treat Cancer?

Graviola, a fruit popularly known as soursop, or some even call it Brazilian paw paw is native to tropical areas of Central and South Africa. In the past several years, graviola has gained traction as one of the fruits that can cure and treat cancer. It serves as a dietary supplement that people can use […] Read More

Sucralose Side Effects – Can It Be Worse than Sugar?

In the past several years, sugar has become one of the most harmful ingredients in the world. Sugar has been deemed “the root of all evil”. With that in mind, manufacturers and people are always looking for another way to add sweetness to food and beverages. That is why products made with sucralose, like Splenda, […] Read More

7 Science Proved Valerian Root Benefits

Often referred as nature’s Valium, valerian root has been used since ancient times to improve sleep and promote tranquility. There are always questions whether valerian root is safe and efficient. Today, we will talk about the valerian root benefits, dosage, and explore some of the concerns regarding possible side effects. What is Valerian Root? The […] Read More

Why Are Caraway Seeds Becoming So Popular? The Science Behind Magic Seeds

There are not many ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, health, and hair in the same time. But caraway seeds definitely deserve a spot on that list. Called super seeds, caraway seeds are a gourmet spice that is used all over the world. They are a little bitter than cumin seeds, and they are […] Read More

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss – Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Calories?

Ask any woman how much she weighs, and she will tell you she needs to lose weight. Losing weight is one of the most popular and common goals nowadays. Some do it for appearance, some do it to improve their overall health, and some to get in the ideal weight. And while there are many […] Read More

Top 10 Sunflower Lecithin Benefits That Will Make You Run To The Store

In the past several years, the use of sunflower lecithin is becoming more and more popular. People, and science, are discovering the potential health benefits and uses of lecithin on a daily basis [1]. And because of that, the demand is rocketing. What is sunflower lecithin? The term sunflower lecithin is a term used for […] Read More

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