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Effective Home Remedies for Cough You Need To Try Immediately

It is that time of the year. As we are getting midway through the autumn, and waiting for the winter, cough is catching up on us. Now, while most of you will probably try some over the counter medicine or prescription from your physician, there are also some of us that still believe in natural […] Read More

Amazing Story: A Woman Cured Breast Cancer with Apricot Kernels

Imagine you have no money, no health insurance, and probably no viable option for curing cancer. That is how Tamara St.John felt just months before getting her Master degree. She was diagnosed with cancer in April 2009, and she was due to graduate in June 2009. The doctors found a lump in her breast, but […] Read More

How to Get Rid of The Annoying Runny Nose With a Natural Massage

One of the most bothersome and annoying conditions we experience is a runny nose, stuffy nose, and nasal congestion. We experience this condition multiple times during the year. It is a common problem none of us are immune. Usually, when the condition is moderate, we ignore it and disregard it. However, when the condition is […] Read More

See How to Get Rid of The Ugly Looking Stretch Marks

Nearly every woman has had stretch marks once in her life. Whether it is during puberty, after pregnancy, or after she lost or gained a lot of weight. The reality is stretch marks are one of the women’s biggest fears, along with cellulite and sagged breasts. So how can we get rid of them? Believe it […] Read More

Mixing Garlic and Honey is the Best Medicine For Your System

For centuries, people used natural remedies to boost their immune system. Nowadays, we tend to forget to boost our immune system and react after we are already ill. The trick, however, is to provide your immune system with the tools and assets to fight illnesses. And when it comes to natural remedies, honey and garlic […] Read More

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