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9 Ways to Get Better Breath by Detoxifying Your Mouth

I am sure you have experienced bad breath early in the morning when you wake up. Your mouth and breath surely don’t smell the same in the evening after you brush your teeth, and in the morning when you wake up. The reason is simple, our mouth is a residence to a plethora of microorganisms, […] Read More

7 Warning Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency You Should Not Ignore

It can happen to anyone. No matter how healthy your diet is, and how much vitamin C you take, we all have some periods where we simply throw our healthy diet out of the window. And after a while, symptoms emerge showing that our body has vitamin C deficiency. I know most people worry about vitamin […] Read More

8 Warning Signs Your Bad Breath is Sending to You

On first glance, bad breath is not something that you should stress so much about. We all have bad breath after eating, sleeping, or visiting the dentist (you know that smell that is just there in your mouth and you cannot get rid of it). In most cases, poor dental hygiene is the cause for […] Read More

6 Easy Meditation Techniques For Beginners that Will Change Your Life

The moment you mention meditation to someone, they are usually starting to make excuses like they are too busy, they cannot sit still, they cannot be quiet and calm enough to meditate. I am here to tell you that those are just excuses. In order for you to be able to practice meditation techniques, you […] Read More

10 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Eating at Burger King

I am pretty sure that you know what junk food means. If you don’t, I will refer you to the Wikipedia page. In short, every food that contains excessive amounts of calories and fat is classified as junk food. There are no healthy calories in it, no good nutrients, just what nutritionists like to call “empty […] Read More

7 Warning and Secret Signs of Diabetes in Women

As harsh as it sounds, the reality is that if you are woman diagnosed with diabetes, you are more likely to die than men. I know, I know, it is harsh. But the reality is that. And the only thing you can do is to pay attention to the early signs of diabetes and try […] Read More

10 Scary [Gluten Intolerance] Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Let’s start with a scary thought: 99% of people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease are never diagnosed? Why? Because people mostly ignore their gluten intolerance symptoms and hope for the best. Another scary thought: Out of all diseases, 55 have been linked to gluten, and as much as 15% of the population in the […] Read More

Early Diabetes Symptoms That Will Make You Act On Time

Living with diabetes is one of the worst experiences one go through. And frankly, it is not only damaging to the person living with diabetes, but to the ones close to him as well. Now, I don’t want to sound harsh, but I had a friend whose mother and father both had diabetes. Her life […] Read More

Six Benefits of Coconut Water that Will Make You Drink It

Coconut water is often called “nature’s Gatorade” and there are several reasons why. If you are thirsty, there is no better quencher than coconut water. And the best part is, unlike plain water, coconut water is actually a tasty beverage. What I must warn you, despite the benefits of coconut water is not to overdrink […] Read More

High Blood Pressure Symptoms That Can Save Your Life

A friend of mine was stressed the other day. Her mother experienced headaches, vomiting, and shortness of breath. She went to bed the night, taking a pill for her headaches, and the next day she woke up with similar and, even more, severe symptoms. She couldn’t take it anymore, she went to the doctor. And […] Read More

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