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Pain in Left Temple: Headache or Something Else?

In most cases, pain in left temple is caused by tension, sinus problems, or stress, the ever present cause. I am sure most of you have experienced stabbing pain in left temple at one point or another. In rare cases, the pain can be caused by a more severe condition as a stroke or brain […] Read More

What are Scabs on Scalp? How to Treat Common Scalp Issues?

Are you constantly scratching your head? If the answer is yes, you might have scabs on scalp. These scabs are raised and crusty areas of patches on the scalp. In some cases they are yellowish. Rarely, they can also be reddish, black, or dark brown. Scabs on scalp are itchy, unsightly, frustrating, and can sometimes […] Read More

What Causes Explosive Diarrhea? How to Stop it?

Almost anyone of us experiences diarrhea at one point or another in his life [1]. Diarrhea is not a condition. It is a symptom of many conditions. Explosive diarrhea or severe diarrhea is a diarrhea in overdrive. At this point, the contractions of your bowels that help you pass feces become stronger and more forceful. […] Read More

Upper Left Abdominal Pain: Is it Pancreatitis?

The organs located in your upper left section include the stomach, the pancreas, the left lobe of liver, the spleen, the left kidney, the adrenal gland, the splenic flexure of the colon, and parts of the transverse and descending col [1]. The pancreas is an organ located behind the stomach and near the small intestine. […] Read More

Identifying The Most Common Types of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an infection of one or both of the lungs. The infection can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Depending on the cause of the infection, there are different types of pneumonia [1]. The condition can also be classified in different categories based on where the infection was acquired. There are also some […] Read More

What Does Pelvic Pain Feel Like? Gynecologic and Non-Gynecologic Causes

According to statistics, 15% of women in the US experience chronic pelvic pain. The pain is felt just below the bellybutton, and it can come on suddenly and severely, or be mild and last for months [1]. There are different conditions and diseases that can cause pelvic pain. Therefore, the key is to get a […] Read More

What Are The Early Lymphoma Symptoms In Women?

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a serious condition. The problem is there is no widely accepted and recommended screening test for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. No screening test has shown to lower the risk of dying from this type of cancer. However, in some cases, the lymphoma can be found early. The best way to determine the disease is […] Read More

Essential and Secondary Hypertension Causes – What is the Difference?

Hypertension is the medicine name for high blood pressure. Hypertension can cause severe complications, and increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, and pose life-threatening problems [1]. Medical guidelines define hypertension as a blood pressure higher than 130 over 80 millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Those are guidelines issued by the American Heart Association in 2017. […] Read More

Here Is Why You Have Bubbles In Urine, But You Shouldn’t Worry!

Has this happened to you? You go to the bathroom to urinate, and you notice that the toilet bowl is filled with bubbles? At this point, you start wondering whether bubbles in urine are a normal thing, or you are suddenly peeing champagne. If you start panicking, you shouldn’t. In most cases, bubbles in urine […] Read More

Fatty Liver Symptoms: How to React?

The problem with fatty liver symptoms is that they do not appear until later stages. At its early stages, in most cases, fatty liver does not have associated symptoms. You will experience fatigue and vague abdominal discomfort, but that is not something you can easily associate with fatty liver. Excess fat in the liver will […] Read More

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