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Home Remedies for Upset Stomach

We all have experience an upset stomach once or twice in our life. There is nothing fun about it. When it is bad, an upset stomach can make it hard and challenging to carry out the simplest activities and tasks. Even driving to work or looking after the kids can become hard, in some cases […] Read More

Essential Oils for Neuropathy – What you Need to Know

Neuropathy is a common disorder and condition when there is damage to the peripheral nervous system [1]. Chances are, you either suffer from neuropathy, or you know someone who does. That is how common this painful condition is. The peripheral nervous system is the one connecting the nerves form the central nervous system the brain […] Read More

Blood Infection – Sepsis or Septicemia?

Septicemia is the name we give to blood infection. Septicemia is a serious bloodstream infection, and if not treated, it leads to sepsis. Known also as bacteremia, or blood poisoning, septicemia occurs when a bacterial infection elsewhere in the body enters the bloodstream. The condition is dangerous because the bacteria and the toxins can be […] Read More

Essential Oils for Snoring – How to Sleep Easily

Everybody snores from time to time. But living with a constant snorer can be challenging. When the snoring is more constant, it causes real issues for both the snorer, and those living with him/her. Snoring can be related to many causes, including drinking too much alcohol, being obese, and smoking. But that aside, we are […] Read More

What are the Common Causes of Left Lower Quadrant Pain?

Almost every one of us will experience abdominal pain once in their lifetime. Pain in the lower side is medically referred as left lower quadrant pain. The pain can start in your digestive tract, abdominal wall muscles, urinary tract, blood vessels, or in your reproductive organs. It is important that you take a look at […] Read More

Signs of Hormonal Imbalance: How to Recognize Them, and What to Do?

Hormonal imbalance can be very troublesome. For example, one of the best ways to prevent breast cancer is to be aware of the signs of hormonal imbalance, in particular estrogen dominance, and do something about it. With that in mind, general symptoms of hormonal imbalance are very familiar to women as premenstrual syndrome or PMS, […] Read More

Home Remedies for Pet Allergies – Step by Step Guide to Allergy-Free Home

Having a pet is great. Over the years, there have been studies proving that pets can greatly impact our health in a good way [1]. Dogs are used nowadays for psychiatric reasons [2]. But on the flip side, pet allergies can become a problem in some cases. Our beloved dogs and cats can shed, and […] Read More

How to Lower Liver Enzymes?

The liver is often called “the ultimate multitasking organ”. It is unique in so many ways. For starters, it is the largest internal organ in our body, but in the same time, it is one of the few with limited regenerative power. The main function of the liver is to produce enzymes that aid in […] Read More

Can you Relieve Pain Using Essential Oils for Pain?

Essential oils have been used in alternative medicine for centuries. Since Ancient times, people have used essential oils to treat all kinds of health problems. But what has made essential oils as popular as they are today, is the ability to use essential oils for pain relief. Some health experts are certain that essential oils […] Read More

Essential Oils for Itching – How to Stop the Irritation Naturally

When you think of itching and scratching, you think of inconvenience. There is no way in hell that someone is convenient when his/hers skin is itching. There are many reasons why we suffer from itchy skin, and just as many remedies for itching. Among the cause of itching, let’s just mention poison ivy, insect bites, […] Read More

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