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7 Tricks for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

If you thought that you can get a flat stomach with crunches and by doing cardio, think again. Yes, doing crunches helps. And of course, you need cardio exercises to burn fat. But that is just half of the solution to the problem. The other half is much harder, to be honest. You need to […] Read More

7-Day Sugar Detox Plan That Will Kick the Toxins Out

Lots of people struggle when it comes to quitting sugar. The addiction is huge and can hit your health pretty hard. If your diet is full of processed foods and carbs, it means that you are going to end up gaining weight or become a diabetic. On top of that, the poor nutritious value you […] Read More

7 Steps to Get Rid of Love Handles (Without Going to The Gym)

The term “love handles” can be misleading. The better term is belly fat, but people do not want to admit they have belly fat. In fact, belly fat that accumulates around your torso is one of the best indicators of poor overall health. And the fact of the matter is that getting rid of love […] Read More

The Wrapping Technique Helps You Lose Water Weight Fast

If you need to lose a few pounds to fit that special dress of yours, you need this wrapping technique. People who tried it say it’s effective for losing the water weight fast. The only thing you need is Vicks VapoRub and a plastic wrap. The VapoRub is present in all homes. It comes with […] Read More

Perfect Weight Loss Dinner Recipe for People Suffering from PCOS, Thyroid Issues and Diabetes

We found a salad that can be used as a dinner meal from those who are suffering from PCOS, Thyroid issues, and diabetes. In the other news, this is also a vegan salad full of fiber and packed with protein. The best part? It is sooooo easy to prepare. Just make sure to always have […] Read More

She Documented Her Weight Loss Journey For 5 Years And Now She Inspires Millions

Today we want to share with you a truly inspiring story. This girl can teach us all a lot about consistency and not giving up. Here name is Rizza Jane Robles Paragas and her “five years in the making” story recently went viral revealing her impressive body and health transformation. Before we tell you more […] Read More

Lose Weight And Boost Your Energy With This Morning Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe [Only 115 calories]

Many of you said that you are not a smoothie fans. The major problem in the smoothie recipes are the calories. This one is different. It has only 115-130 calories, and your hunger will be satisfied for a longer period. The secret here is the fact that it is rich in proteins, but also the […] Read More

The Weird Way I Lost [12 Pounds] in One Week Eating Eggs

[Updated on 03.08.2016] During my years of experience trying to get a slim body and lose weight, I’ve stumbled upon some weird ways and diets. And I must admit, I’ve tried almost all of them. Simply put, I am curious to see if something works or not. And that is how I found out about […] Read More

Discover The [Pros & Cons] of the Awesome Plant Based Diet

Natalie Portman, Bill Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Silverstone, Alanis Morissette, and many other celebrities have endorsed the plant based diet. All of them went vegan for different reasons, but they all swear by the diet that helped them change their life. Now, I might not be a celebrity, but I can also give you some […] Read More

Melt That Thigh Fat Now [6 Amazing And Easy Home Exercises]

Let’s start with the bad news. I don’t want to sugarcoat things, and I want, to be honest with you. Losing thigh fat is the hardest thing to do, even harder than burning off belly fat. The reason is simple, most of us sit during the day, at the office, at home, and sitting is […] Read More

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