Top 7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Eat and Buy Organic Food

Whenever the topic of organic food is mentioned, my friends swarm me with things like “organic food is expensive”, “I cannot find cheap alternatives for organic food”, “I only earn so much” and so on.

Well, newsflash for all those pessimists out there: Organic food is actually cheap.

Organic Food

Truth be told, even food manufacturers figured out that they can replace real food with fillers, which has essentially resulted in junk food being way too cheap.

But hey, who am I to tell you that if you want to eat junk food, you can do it.

Just remember, you get what you pay for. If you pay low, you will get a low quality of food.

Now, I am not the one responsible for your budget, but I can tell you that there is a way to consume organic food even when you work on a budget.

Hint: there are actually more than one ways.

Let’s take a look at them.

Do not Look for Strawberries in Winter

In other words, eat within the season.

Ask your grandparents.

Did they eat strawberries in the middle of the winter?

It is simply not possible.

There are no strawberries in the winter unless you freeze them in the summer.

So, in order to eat cheap organic food, always search for locally grown foods or foods that are in the season at the moment.

Of course, foods flown from another continent are way more expensive.

And once you are there, when you buy food at its peak time, you can always purchase more, and then freeze them.

Think back of the strawberries example.

Do not Underestimate the Freezer Section

If I tell you that sometimes frozen is better than fresh, would you believe me?

Well, even if you do not believe me, there is a study that supports my claim.

According to the study conducted in 2013, some fresh products lose vitamins and nutrients over time, or after several days.

This makes the frozen food extremely good choice.

What I love to do is always check the freezer section, sometimes even in peak times of some fruits and veggies.

Frozen food is always cheaper, and you can find lots of berries for your smoothies or legumes.

And for your kids, frozen fruits are always a better sugary snack than popsicles.

Join a CSA

Community supported agricultures are the new way of living in the 21st century.

Their popularity is higher than ever, and people are finding them to be an extremely nice way to purchase seasonal foods.

To put it simply, a CSA provides you with a box of veggies and fruits that are the freshest products at the time being.

Use a local food directory to find some farms with CSA programs.

Check for Ripe Markdowns

What if I tell you that sometimes, ripe bananas are even healthier?

Local supermarkets and grocery stores are known to use dumping prices for foods that do not look as appealing.

For example, ripe bananas do not look as good as fresh, green or yellow bananas.

And the trick is to look for those ripe bananas, in the section where supermarkets keep food that will go bad in the next one or two days.

You can use it as a great source for bananas for your smoothies or daily consumption.

And the best thing is, you can buy more and freeze them.

Ground Meats all the Way

Let me tell you an awesome way to pair ground meat in a taco.

All you need is some ground beef, a taco, pinto beans and some rice and you get a great meal for an average family.

You can serve it for lunch with some salad, or dinner.

So, from now on, check for ground chicken, ground turkey, and ground beef as much as you can, it is a great way to eat organic meat for cheap.

And never forget to season, as you can turn your ground meat into a luxury dinner.

The Bulk Section

Rice, beans, legumes, grains, spices, all of those are way cheaper when you shop in the bulk section.

Almost every food store has a bulk section, so check it from time to time.

Just remember, store your food smartly to make space for your bulks.

My experience has shown that you can save around 20% of your money when you buy a 10 pounds package instead of 1 pound package.

Cook, Cook and then Cook Some More

When you cook your own food, you spend less money on cooked food, and the bonus is you are getting food with higher nutritional value.

So, instead of purchasing ready-made food, cook your own food to save some money and leave more money in the budget for organic products.

It is a simple circle, more cooking allows you to purchase more organic products.


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