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Yoga for Beginners - How to enter the world of Yoga

Yoga for Beginners - How to enter the world of Yoga

by Healthy Homestead Team

4 months ago


Yoga for Beginners - How to enter the world of Yoga

by Healthy Homestead Team

4 months ago

Yoga for Beginners - How to enter the world of Yoga

You have heard all the benefits of yoga, and now you want to try it? Go ahead. But if you are just entering the world of yoga, it might be confusing. After all, there are more than 300 positions in the physical yoga practice. Which one to do? Today, we will talk all about yoga for beginners, including top 5 poses to start off.

We’ve got answers to the yoga basics. Start today, and build your strength and confidence as you go along.

Top 5 poses to try

Mountain pose

This is one of the basic poses in yoga. Many more advanced poses require to start off in mountain pose, as it is the base for all standing poses. Once you master the Mountain, you can move forward, as you get a sense of how to ground in to your feet and feel the earth beneath you.

  1. Start standing with your feet together, and then press down through all ten toes as you spread them open
  2. Engage the quads, and lift your kneecaps and lift them up through the inner thighs
  3. Draw the abs in and up, and lift your chest and press the tops of the shoulders down
  4. Feel the shoulder blades coming towards each other, open your chest, and hold for 5 to 8 breaths

Downward facing dog

Used in most practices and yoga classes, the downward facing dog is another basic pose that helps you move toward other poses.

  1. Come on to all fours, with the wrists under the shoulders and knees under the hips
  2. Tuck under the toes, lift your hips up off the floor, and draw them back up at back towards the heels
  3. Keep the knees slightly bent, and your hamstrings tight
  4. Press firmly through the palms and rotate the inner elbows toward each other
  5. Engage the legs to keep the torso moving back towards the thighs. Hold for five breaths

Crescent Lunge

This pose is also called Warrior I, and it is a basic pose for the warrior routine. Master the first pose, and then move toward other warrior poses.

  1. Take a big step forward with the left foot and start in a staggered stance. Your feet are almost mat-length apart
  2. Bend the front knee and keep the back leg straight and heel lifted off the floor. Try to bend the front leg, so that your thigh is parallel to the floor
  3. Extend the arms toward the ceiling on either side of the head, stretch up, and try to press into the mat in the same time. Feel the stretch in the hips
  4. Hold for five breaths

Tree pose

Great pose for improving standing balance. Beginners need to learn the tree, so that they can master their balance, and work on their focus. Tree pose is great for learning how to breathe while standing, and keeping balance of the body.

  1. Start with the feet together and then place the right foot on the inner left upper thigh
  2. Press your hands in prayer. Find a spot in front of you, focus on it, and hold in a steady gaze
  3. Hold for 10 breaths, and then switch sides

Plank pose

The best pose for strengthening the core, plank is basic exercise you have to learn.

  1. Start on all fours, with the knees under the hips, and hands on the floor flat underneath the shoulders
  2. Lift the knees off the floor. Extend the legs out behind you. At this point, you are on your toes and hands, with the body forming one long line
  3. Keep palms flat on the floor, hands shoulder-width apart, and shoulders above the wrists. Engage your core, and keep the neck and spine in neutral position
  4. Hold for five breaths

Tips for beginners

When you enter the world of yoga, it can be confusing. Luckily, we have a couple of tips that will help you master the poses.

  • Invest in a good sticky mat to help with balance problems and ease the proves
  • Your basic clothing kit should include stretchy pants or leggings and a top, but make sure you are comfortable and the clothes allow for free movement
  • Consume lighter food, mostly slow carbs and fiber, as well as fruits and vegetables
  • Eat something light a couple of hours before practice
  • Do not practice if you feel hungry
  • Stay hydrated by drinking 2l of water per day
  • Work on the spiritual part of yoga, and get to know more about your spiritual awareness and mindfulness
  • Meditate to complement yoga and improve your physical and mental health
  • Introduce breathing practices to reduce stress and bring oxygen to your body


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