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Health & Wellness

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

by Healthy Homestead Team

2 months ago

Health & Wellness

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

by Healthy Homestead Team

2 months ago

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

If you are dealing with back pain, yoga might be the best thing you can do. Most health care experts will tell you that yoga can significantly help with back pain. As a mind and body therapy, yoga can help you relax, stretch, and relieve the pain.

And you do not need to spend hours and hours. Just a few minutes per day is more than enough to get a back pain relief. Yoga is great for improving core stability, improving posture, improving your flexibility, and teaching you how to breathe properly.

With that in mind, we strongly suggest you also consult with a physical therapist. Once you get green light for practicing yoga, try any of the poses below.

Child’s pose

One of the simplest, and basic postures in yoga. And in the same time, it is one of the best poses for beginners and back pain relief. It takes the pressure off your lower back, and decompresses the spine.

  1. Kneel on the mat with the knees and hip at width apart. Put your feet together behind you, and take a deep breathe in.
  2. As you exhale, lay your torso over your thighs, and try to lengthen your neck and spine by drawing the ribs away from the tailbone
  3. Rest the forehead on the ground, extend the arms in front of you, and hold for a few breaths

Cat/cow pose

Another basic, but very efficient yoga pose. It is one of the best stretches for the back, as it allows a nice flexion and extension of the spine. In the same time, cat/cow promotes mobility, and just helps you relieve any pain in the back.

  1. Start on all fours, with the shoulders over the wrists and hips over the knees
  2. Inhale slowly, and as you exhale, round the spine and drop the head toward the flow. This is your cat part of the posture
  3. Inhale, and as you do, lift your head, chest, and tailbone toward the ceiling, trying to arch the back for cow part of the posture

Downward-facing dog

This traditional bend is great for rest and rejuvenating of your body. It is one of the most popular poses for sciatica, as it works out any imbalances in the body.

  1. Start on all four, and place your hands in alignment under the wrists. Your knees are under your hips
  2. Press into the hands, tuck the toes, and lift up your knees. At the same time, bring the sitting bones up toward the ceiling
  3. Keep a slight bend in the knees and lengthen the spine and tailbone, as you keep the heels slightly off the ground
  4. Press firmly into the hands, and then distribute weight evenly between both sides of the body
  5. Keep the head in line with the upper arms, and hold for one minute

Standing forward bend

This pose will help you stretch the back of the legs, spine, and lower back. If it hurts your back, modify the pose by keeping the knees slightly bent

  1. Start from downward facing dog, and slowly step forward to the top of the mat
  2. Stand with the feet at shoulder width apart. Straighten your legs out as much as you can. Let the torso hand gown
  3. At this point, tuck the chin in toward your chest, and relax the shoulders. At the same time, extend the crown of your head toward the floor. Your goal is to create a long spine
  4. Hold for one minute

Cobra pose

Cobra pose is considered a transitional pose in yoga. We use it to move from one pose to another, and to relax between difficult postures. But it also helps with back pain.

  1. Lie on the stomach, and put your hands under the shoulders
  2. Draw your arms in tightly to the chest, but do not allow the elbows to go out to the side. Press into the hands, and slowly lift your head, chest, and shoulders off the floor
  3. Maintain a slight bend in the elbows, and let your head drop back to deepen the pose
  4. Release back down to the mat as you exhale, and bring your arms by you side

Knees to chest with slow rock

You can do this pose without the slow rock if you want. But it adds a nice and natural body weight massage to the pose.

  1. Lie on the back, and hug both knees into your chest
  2. Slowly rock the torso back and forth, all while firmly holding onto your legs
  3. Repeat for one minute

Locust pose

This pose is known as salabhasana, or some people call it the Superman pose. Why? Because you are basically looking like Superman when he is flying. The only difference is your hands are not position up front, but by your side.

  1. Lie on your stomach, and put your arms next to the torso
  2. Touch your big toes together, and turn out heels to the side. Your forehead is lightly on the floor
  3. As you breathe, slowly lift your head, chest, and arms. You can lift them partway, halfway, or all the way up
  4. Bring the hands together if you like, and interlace your fingers behind the back
  5. Lift your legs, and look straight ahead or slightly upward
  6. Remain in the pose for one minute


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