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Health & Wellness

Workplace wellness tips that work

Workplace wellness tips that work

by Aleksandar Mishkov

4 months ago

Health & Wellness

Workplace wellness tips that work

by Aleksandar Mishkov

4 months ago

Workplace wellness tips that work

We spend 6 to 10 hours on our desk and at our workplace daily. That is a lot of time. Depending how flexible your hours are, some people spend the entire day at the office. Eight hours are one-fourth of the full day. There is no reason to waste that time only on working. You can improve your life during working hours as well.

There are many studies that support the idea of improving health anywhere, and at any time. With that in mind, here are some workplace wellness tips you can employ.

Mind renewal

Studies show that a person can be focused for 90 to 120 minutes of work at most without a break. After those 90 minutes, you are no longer focused, and you are working as a machine. Therefore, you need a mind renewal. Tae a short break, get up from your desk, and just walk or relax for a few minutes. The simple positive interruption will help you regain the focus and refuel your mind.

Vitamin C for your stress

When you are under stress at work, just get a citrus fruit. Any fruit will do it, be it orange, grapefruit, or lemon. All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. And Vitamin C helps you lower the production of stress hormone. As a result, you will feel more relaxed, and more inclined to work.

Uncross your legs

A lot of people practice to cross their legs while working. That is just plain wrong. Crossing your legs while sitting at the desk leads to poor posture and lower back stress. Keep both feet flat on the floor to get a healthier spine. You can even try to do some exercises while sitting to engage your core and improve circulation.

Avoid multitasking

We live in the modern age when multitasking is considered something great. But we need to take a step back. Switching back and forth between tasks can decrease the rate of productivity. With multitasking, you are more likely to make errors, and even bring your stress up.

Walking meetings

You do not have to sit at a conference room and stare at each other. Instead, you can turn your regular meetings into walking meetings. You sit all day, so why spend even more time sitting at a meeting? Walking makes people more active, and it helps improve your posture. Take a break, and go for a walk with your colleagues. It will help you refresh.

Healthy snacks

Make sure to employ a “healthy snacks only” policy for all shared food items. Yes, we all bring food to the office. But make sure that is healthy snack, and everyone follows the rule. If just one person brings unhealthy snacks, we are all doomed. We ride together, we die together. Talk with the onsite cafeteria to provide healthy food choices as well.

Team sports

Team building and team sports are essential part of workplace wellness. And you can sweat for a cause. Support corporate team events or fundraisers such as bicycle relay, 5k run, walk, mountain climbing, or something similar. You can go a step further by creating teams to compete against each other to see who can raise more money. At the end of the day, you will all feel proud for raising money and helping a good cause.

Water coolers

An underrated aspect of healthy lifestyle and wellness is drinking water. You can make even drinking water a friendly place. Bring back water coolers. Not only you promote hydration, but you also increase social interactions between co-workers. Filtered water and water filtering jug for the fridge also works. Just don’t forget to change the filters when needed.


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