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Health & Wellness

How to properly practice yoga

How to properly practice yoga

by Healthy Homestead Team

5 months ago

Health & Wellness

How to properly practice yoga

by Healthy Homestead Team

5 months ago

How to properly practice yoga

When you practice yoga, it is crucial that you do it in a safely manner. People often turn to yoga as a way to relax their mind, body, and soul, but also to treat injuries like back pain. But before you start your yoga treatment, it is important that you understand the safety and efficacy measures of yoga.

Here are some advises how to make sure you practice yoga properly, safely, and efficiently.

Determine a focus

Before you start yoga, the first step is to determine a focus for your practice. Why do you want to practice yoga? Do you want to practice as a form of physical exercise? Or do you want to reduce and manage stress?

Think what aspects you want to work on, whether that is strength, stamina, flexibility, depression, anxiety, or something else. You can write your focus down, and update it as you go along.

Be mindful

Pay attention, and be mindful while practicing yoga. Moment to moment awareness is the most important thing in yoga, both for safety and for efficiency. It is okay if a moment happens and you think of something else. But try to shift your attention back to the physical areas you are working out immediately.

Breathe into the sensations you work on to come back to presence. Breathing fully through your poses helps your body function properly and ensures safety. Pay even more attention when you are transitioning from one yoga pose to another.

Invest in a good yoga mat

You need a comfortable spot for your yoga practice. Nowadays, there are millions of yoga mats you can find to buy. So make sure you get a good one. You need a mat is big enough to fit you during your poses, but also comfortable while sitting on it. And make sure your yoga mat is non-slip.

Don’t forget to warm up

People often think that you need to warm up only for some more dynamic workout, like weight lifting, gym workout, pilates workout, or cardio. Wrong! The reality is you need to warm up before every workout. Injuries often happen because you have not prepared your body and muscles for the practice.

Some people prefer gentle movements for warming up, others prefer something else. But no matter your preferences, make sure to warm up.

Don’t push it

When you practice yoga, it is key that you do not do anything that increases pain. Some days, you may hurt just because, and you should not do anything that increases that pain. For example, if you feel sharpness, numbness, shooting, or tingling, those are all signs something is wrong, and you have to check it out. Do not try to push through the pain.

Anything that makes you grunt, grimace, or just hate your yoga instructor is off limits.

Modify your body and workout

Every body is different. Do not try to do something others do, just because they do it. This might sound depressing, but not all of us can do the same things, at least not from the beginning. Modify your workout to fit your body’s needs and limits. Don’t be afraid to even use help from pillows and chairs to help your body.

Your practice might look different, but that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Talk to a specialist

This is probably the most important aspect of how to practice yoga safely. If you have any medical condition, injury, surgery, or anything else, seek advice from a doctor, physical therapist, or a specialist. Ask what is safe and what is not for your body. Then, work with a certified yoga therapist to modify the workout and yoga practice to fit your needs.


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