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Health & Wellness

How positive thinking can help you?

How positive thinking can help you?

by Healthy Homestead Team

3 months ago

Health & Wellness

How positive thinking can help you?

by Healthy Homestead Team

3 months ago

How positive thinking can help you?

Do you consider your glass to be half empty or half full? Be careful with your answer. Your answer reflects your outlook on life, your attitude toward yourself, and whether you have more positive or negative thoughts.

Despite studies showing a number of benefits to positive thinking, some people still tend to think in a negative way. Today, we will talk about the benefits of positive thinking, how to identify negative thoughts, and how to practice more positive thoughts.

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking doesn’t mean you should ignore unpleasant situations, or see the world through pink glasses. Positive thinking is just a way to approach unpleasant situations with a more positive attitude and productive thinking. The idea is to think that the best will happen, not the worst.

Positive thinking starts with self-talk, an endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through your head. If the thoughts that run through your head are negative, your outlook on life will be pessimistic. If they are positive, you are likely an optimist.

Health benefits of positive thinking

As mentioned previously, there are many reasons why you should practice positive thinking. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • Increases life span
  • Lowers rate of depression
  • Lowers stress
  • Improves physical well-being
  • Improves skills
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Reduces risk of death

What is negative thinking?

There are a couple of examples of negative thinking we practice daily. And we are not even aware we are doing that. Here are some examples of negative thinking.


This is a method in which we magnify the negative aspect of a situation, and filter out all of the positive ones. For example, after a great day at work, in which you completed all the tasks, we focus on the plan to do even more tasks. We completely forget the compliments we received the previous day.


It is fine to be self-aware and self-critical. But there is a limit to that. Some of us, when something bad happens, we automatically put the blame on ourselves. Do not point the finger at you at all times.


Probably the worst form of negative thoughts, this is when we automatically anticipate the worst. Even a small detail, like wrong order at the coffee shop puts us in thought that the day will be a disaster.

Mind reading

Do you think you know what others are thinking? You do not! When someone does not reply to your message, it does not automatically mean they are ignoring you. And even worse, we believe our thoughts, no matter what the other side is telling us. Now, you should not be naïve and believe everything someone is telling you. But do not jump to conclusions about what others are thinking. Instead, ask them how they feel directly.

Guilty thinking

Another form of being self-critical. We use words like “should”, “must” and similar when we talk about mistakes about the past. You cannot change the past. The only thing you can do is learn from it. This might sounds like a line from the Lion King, but it is the truth.

One real life example is “I should have ate a salad” today. Yes, you should have probably, but do not put yourself down. Instead, work and try to be better at following your healthy diet. Another one would be “I should have gone to the gym”. Well, sometimes, daily challenges prevent us from going to the gym. Try and think “There is always tomorrow, and I will try my best to get my workout done”.

How to practice positive thinking

The trick is to turn negative thinking into positive one. The process might sound simple, but it takes a lot of time and practice. After all, you need to create a new habit. Here are some ways to think in a more positive manner.

Identify areas to change

The first step toward change is to find out what is wrong. Identify the areas you want to change. Identify the areas you think negatively about. Whether that is work, relationship, daily communication, or something else. Start small by focusing on just one area.


During the day, make sure to check yourself. Stop and evaluate what you are thinking. If the thoughts are negative, try to find a way to put them into a positive manner.


Mediation will help you display more positive emotions. Meditation helps you build valuable long-term and short-term skills. Practice mediation daily, and you will notice a difference in your thinking. Just 10 minutes per day is more than enough.

Be open to humor

Laughing releases positive hormones in our body. Therefore, smile, laugh, and invite more humor in your life. Seek humor in everyday happenings. If you can laugh at life, you can laugh at anything.

Write down positive experiences

When you begin to change your thinking from negative into positive, it is important to keep record of it. Every day, wrote about an intensely positive experience for a couple of days. Read them in the evening, or through the day.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

When you are healthy, everything seems and feels better. Practice a healthy diet, and try to exercise for 30 minutes on most days of the week. Exercise will help you burn and eliminate negative energy.


Schedule playtime, and you will notice difference in your mood. After all, we schedule meetings, conference calls, events, so why not play?

One hour per week will be enough. And you can do anything during that time. Whether it is a sports activity, or something else, try to play as much as possible.

Surround yourself with positive people

There is a saying, you are the people around you. When those around you are positive, it is easy to be and remain positive about life. But if you surround yourself with negative people, they can easily drag you down.


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