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Health & Wellness

5 Benefits of Drinking Beer

5 Benefits of Drinking Beer

by Healthy Homestead Team

5 months ago

Health & Wellness

5 Benefits of Drinking Beer

by Healthy Homestead Team

5 months ago

5 Benefits of Drinking Beer

When you think of drinking beer, and the effect it has on your body, you are probably thinking of that beer belly. Yes, drinking beer excessively will result in beer belly, that large stomach that looks awful. Nothing amazing there. But if you drink in moderation, beer is actually quite healthy drink. You will be surprised by the benefits of drinking beer.

Research has shown that moderate consumption, and that is the keyword here, can improve your health in a variety of ways, including reducing risk of heart disease.

Nutritious delight

Wine is one of the most nutritious drinks when it comes to alcoholic beverages. People rave about the antioxidants in wine thanks to the grapes. But while beer might not have the abundance of antioxidants thanks to grapes, it still has some. Beer has different antioxidants, and that is thanks to the barley and hops used to produce beer.

Barley and hops contain flavonoids, and they have them in a good amount. Beer also contains protein and vitamin B, two ingredients you won’t find in wine. And then there are some minerals in small amounts like iron, calcium, and phosphates.

Beer protects your heart

If you are suffering from a heart disease, or a cardiovascular disease, you should not be drinking beer, or any alcohol. But as a preventive measure, moderate drinking of beer can make you less likely to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke.

Studies have shown that beer can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease because it has a thinning effect on blood. Beer also reduces the chances of forming blood clots, and blockages in the coronary artery. Last, but not least, beer can reduce the risk of inflammation.

Prevent kidney stones

Beer contains a lot of hops, and those are rich in kidney health promoting phytochemicals. Drinking beer can help you prevent kidney stones in a number of ways. Not only you get kidney health promoting ingredients, you also increase urination frequency. The more you urinate, the more toxins you flush out of your body. And that prevents kidney stones.

Reduce stress

In this stressful and dynamic world we live in, we all have to take a step back and relax. Two glasses of beer per day is more than enough to reduce work-related stress. But you can also drink beer to reduce anxiety. Just try not to turn to alcohol on a regular basis to cope with stress. That will cause more harm than good, and can even lead to some serious alcohol addiction.

While alcohol helps with stress reduction in the moment, it is not a daily dose of anti-stress therapy.

Beer improves memory

Hops contain a secret and healthy ingredient that can improve your cognitive function. Called xanthohumol, it is a flavonoid that slows down the degradation process of memory. This chemical can protect brain cells from oxidative damage and prevent dementia. Now, bear in mind, beer does not contain high dosage of this flavonoid. But every little piece helps.

What you should know

No matter the benefits of drinking beer, it is always recommended that you drink in moderation. While you should be aware of the nutritional benefits of beer, you should not overdrink.

Benefits of beer are only possible when you consume it in moderation. They are not endorsed by physicians due to the sole fear that consumers might turn to heavy drinking. Do not take the benefits of beer as a permissive license to drink in excessive amounts.

Heavy drinking is linked to cirrhosis, a fatal and deadly alcohol syndrome.


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