How Should You Sleep to Avoid Pain (Best Positions)

We all want to sleep cozy and comfortably.

Sleeping is key part of our lives.

You’ll hear and read it all the time: sleep 8 hours per day for a healthy life.

But not all of us can get eight hours of sleep.

One of the reasons for that is because pain prevents us to sleep tight.

When you are feeling pain, you are uncomfortable, and you cannot fall to sleep so easily.

What I want to ask you is whether you know that your sleeping position can affect your sleeping?

You can easily maneuver your way around the pain by sleeping in the right position.

Today, I want to tell you few tricks how to cheat your way into sleeping tight and get your eight hours of sleep.

Now, these do not work if you go to bed in 4am and you need to work the next day.

Neck pain

Sleeping on the side is the best thing to do when you suffer from neck pain.

The goal here is to keep your spine straight.

You can use a pillow that is higher, and position it under your neck for that.

Be sure to avoid too high pillow which will keep your neck flexed.

You can also add a rolled-up towel under the neck.


One of the most uncomfortable conditions, heartburn can be easily prevented with the right sleeping position.

The recommendation is that you sleep on your left side.

There is no explanation why this works, but just try it, and thank me later.

Shoulder pain

When you feel pain on your shoulder, the logical thing to do is sleep on the side that does not hurt.

Yes, it can be as simple as that.

But there are some things you can also do to make your sleep more comfortable.

Bent your legs, and grasp one pillow to your chest.

Place another pillow between the legs.

Back pain

It might sound counter-productive, but when you have back pain, you should sleep on your back.

But there is a catch.

Place a pillow under your knees, and a rolled-up towel under the curve of your back.

Your goal is to get that natural S curve while sleeping on your back.

This will keep your back in a natural position, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Digestion issues

We’ve all faced digestion issues every now and then.

Digestive issues can occur if you eat late at night.

Your digestive system hasn’t stomach the food, and you already want to go bed.

To aid digestion, sleep on your left side.

Let gravity do the rest.


The key for sleeping easy with headaches is to prevent your head from turning during the night.

You will be surprised of the results.

To do this, just place pillows around your head. In a way, you want to “barricade” your head.

PMS pain

Oh I am sure all the ladies out there will be thanking me when “that point in the month” comes.

The trick is simple.

Just place a pillow under your knees and you’ll sleep tight.

By doing this, you prevent arching of your spine, which is the No.1 cause of pain during PMS.

Sinus issues

When you have sinus problems, the trick is to prevent mucus from pooling in the sinuses.

That is easier said than done.

However, when you try to sleep, try to do that with an elevated head.

That will be more than enough.

High blood pressure

You will be surprised, but sleeping positions affects high blood pressure as well.

Or, you might not be surprised, seeing that stress affects both sleeping and high blood pressure.

Now, sleeping with your face down is one of the worst positions you can use to fall asleep.

However, when you suffer from high blood pressure ,that is the recommended sleeping position.

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