Top 5 Best Food Processors Money Can Buy

Nowadays, you cannot imagine a good kitchen without a food processor. My life became so much easier when I bought a food processor years ago, and I’ve been grateful ever since.

I know healthy cooking starts with fresh ingredients, but nothing helps your healthy cooking more than a good, rock solid food processor.

Healthy cooking can take loads of time due to the enormous amount of tiring prep work you need. Well, food processors save you time and improve your diet in the process.

As a simple information, food processors are versatile machines that can shred, slice, chop and puree different foods, but they are mostly used for vegetables and fruits. Here are five that are best among the best.

Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus

cuisinart-prepThis food processor excels at everything and is so easy to clean and use that it will save you an abundance of time.

Cuisinart’s food processor will surely become your go-to machine due to its easy and effective way of usage. The Prep 11 can do even some trickier and complex jobs such as slicing tomatoes for example.

With Cuisinart Prep 11 you will certainly perfect the art of food preparation. You get a stainless finish that will add some elegance to your kitchen, and the compact build of the device allows you to fit anywhere on any type of countertop.

If you are one of those that have limited time to clean between processing, Prep 11 is the way to go.

Breville Sous Chef

brevilleThis is the food processor I use, but not certainly one that you should as well. It is a little more expensive than other food processors, but after a while, I decided to invest in a top notch food processor.

I’ve used others during my time, but now the Breville Sous Chef is my choice.

The food processor comes with a 16-cup capacity and can do almost anything, from julienning to mincing and chopping foods. There are tons of accessories for a different type of tasks, and the best part is, it has an LCD screen that displays timer.

Some of the features include small food pusher and large food pusher, super wide feed chute, silicone seal to reduce leakage, and non-skid rubber feet for more stability and security. A word of notice, the food processor does not start until the large food pusher is in place, but it can start without the small food pusher.

Vitamix Food Processor

VitamixSome say that the Vitamix food processor is the king of the kitchen, and I agree with a certain aspect. The advantages are that you do not have to lose time assembling and disassembling the food processor as it comes in one piece.

No hassle of putting the pieces together saves you tons of time, but the problem I have is the look. What can I say, I am a woman and I like to have elegant, modern and sleek appliances.

But that doesn’t mean that Vitamix doesn’t do the trick. Quite the contrary. The food processor can tackle 50 kitchen tasks, and is one of the fastest on the market, making a soup from scratch in less than five minutes.


KitchenAidKitchen Aid was my first choice when I bought a food processor, and I bought it due to its first ever adjustable slicing. KitchenAid is extremely durable and quiet machine that can do everything you need in the kitchen.

Some of the chefs in the industry are proud owners of KitchenAid and they recommend this food processor.

What I liked the most about the processor when I first bought it is the retro-inspired look. The second best thing is the ultra-wide mouth feed tube that can accommodate tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers with little to no preparation work.

The speed options are high, low and pulse, which is more than enough to properly handle hard or soft ingredients. And if you are a single lady living on her own, KitchenAid is much easier to lift than other food processors on the market, making it moving and washing extremely easy and practical.

Kenwood kMix

KenwoodAnother food processor with a retro design, the Kenwood kMix is easy to use with great results all across the board. The two available colors are black and cream.

The kMix will make your life easier, and once you won’t spend time grating and slicing, you will find time for some other activities.

Some of the features of the Kenwood kMix include fine slicing disk, coarse slicing disk, serrated main blade, 3L capacity bowl, and variable speeds. Overall, the Kenwood kMix is a great option, even though it comes without blender and/or mill.


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