Best Butt Exercises for Toned and Firm Booty

Who doesn’t want a strong and shapely butt? Even men nowadays want to have a good-looking butt. And while it starts with good genes, you need to build on that with exercises and activities that target all the muscles in your glutes. Even if you do not have good genes, the best butt exercises will help you achieve that elusive booty.

Before we get to the best butt exercises, you need to understand the anatomy of your muscles. The glutes are made up of three different muscles.

Those are the gluteus maximus, which is the largest muscle, the gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. If you want a strong, tones, and firm butt, you need to work out all three of these muscles.

Here are some exercises to get there.

Hip Drive

Let’s start with some beginner level exercises. The hip drive is basically a beginner’s squat.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Sit on your knees, and put your legs together, so that your butt is positioned on your heels
  2. Engage the glutes and lift your butt
  3. Raise to a kneeling position, and then slowly lower, keeping your glutes engaged in the motion

Bottoms-Up Lunge

Bottoms-Up Lunge

The lunge is a classic exercise, and this is the easiest way to perform it.

  1. Start by performing a hip drive, and bring your left foot forward, while kneeling on your right knee
  2. Push into your left heel and engage the glutes to stand, bringing the right knee up
  3. As you stand, try not to push off of the ground, but engage hamstrings and glutes to lift
  4. Return to starting position

Hip Thrust

We are now getting to the little more challenging exercises for beginners. This one is a classic exercise, and as you get better, you can put some weight on.

  1. Lie faceup with knees bent and feet at hip-width apart
  2. Place your hands on the ground, just under your shoulders, with the fingers facing away from the body
  3. Squeeze your glutes, lift your hips into a table-top position, and hold for five seconds
  4. Slowly lower your hips to the ground, and then repeat the motion

Hip-Lift Progression

Not only this exercise helps you tone your butt, but also helps you relieve tension in the lower back. Talk about 2 in 1 exercise.

It is basically a harder version of the hip thrust

  1. Lie on your back and position arms at your sides, your knees bent, and feet on the ground
  2. Life your hips toward the ceiling, and extend one leg at the top of the lift
  3. Keep the thighs parallel and hold for five seconds
  4. While you keep your hips up, place the foot back on the floor and lower your hips

Toe Taps

You will feel your butt burning while doing this exercise. But that is a good thing, as you know you are working the glutes.

  1. Lie on the floor, and place your arms on your sides
  2. Lift your feet, and bend the knees to 90 degrees, to a point your thighs are perpendicular to the flor
  3. Slowly and quietly tap your left toes to the floor, and then your right toes
  4. Alternate tapping for one minute


The classic of the best butt exercises, squats targets the largest gluteus muscle. But squats do much more for your body.

They help you tone the hips, calves, thighs, lower back, and even the core. You should make squats a staple of any lower body workout.

  1. Stand with your feet at hip-width apart. If you want more intensity, hold weights at shoulder level or at your sides
  2. Bend the knees, and lower into a squat, keeping your knees behind the toes in the process
  3. Press into the heels to stand up, and repeat


This is one of the greatest exercises for butt, and to really make it work, chose a platform that is high enough. You want your knees to be at a 90-degree angle when bent.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Stand in front of a step or a platform, and place the right foot on the step
  2. For added intensity, hold weights in your arms
  3. Press into the heel, step up, and touch the left toe to the step
  4. With your right foot on the step, take the left foot down to the floor and bend the knee into a lunge
  5. Repeat 1-3 sets with 15 reps on each side

Squat with kick-back

As you get stronger, and your butt is in better shape, you can kick things up a notch. You can start doing some alternative squats that are harder.

  1. Stand with your legs at shoulder-width apart
  2. Sit into a squat, and bring your fists close to your chin
  3. Bring your left leg straight behind you, and extend your arms forward
  4. Return to squat position, and then repeat on the other side
  5. Continue alternating for one minute

Single leg squat with towel

This squat will target the spillover area between the back of your bum and the lower part of your hips.

In other words, the fat we all want to get rid of.

  1. Stand with your feet together, and then place the right foot on top of a folded towel
  2. Shift your weight to the left leg, and slide the towel out slowly to the right
  3. Slowly return to the initial position
  4. Work one side for 30 seconds, and make sure you keep your elbows bent and fists together
  5. Switch to the other side


There are a couple of moves that work, and look so easy and simple. You can put plié in that list as well. It is a ballet move, and one that gives ballet dancers their great butt.

  1. Stand with the feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  2. Bring arms out straight in front of you, and then lower into a squat
  3. Come back up, and then repeat
  4. Try to go as low into squat as you can, but make sure you do not let your knees move past your toes
  5. Keep your torso tall at all times

Explosive lunges

We had an advanced version of the squat, and now we get an advance version of lunges. In addition to working your butt, this move will give you a great stretch of the glutes.

  1. Stand with feet together and hands positioned on your hips
  2. Lunge forward with the right leg
  3. Jump up, switch legs in midair, and land with the left leg in a forward lunge
  4. Continue alternating sides for one minute

Floor Jacks

This is a version of the jumping jack that will work your glutes. And you can do it without jumping.

  1. Lie facedown on the floor
  2. Extend arms and legs into an “X” position
  3. Do jumping jacks in this position, but without jumping. Basically you do the motion of jumping jacks on the floor

What about cardio?

If you want to get a good and firmly shaped butt, doing the best butt exercises will get you only to 80% of the job. The last 20% is reserved for some cardio exercises that burn fat. What cardio exercises to do for a toned butt?

Start with rollerblading, as it is one cardio activity that is fun, easy, simple, and you can do it both alone and with friends. When done properly, rollerblading works your entire glutes area. Ice-skating is the alternative for the winter months.

You can also do hiking, as it is an activity that burns a lot of calories, and makes you expend an enormous amount of energy. In the same time, hiking works your entire lower body, including the butt.

And when you want to kick things up a notch, go for a kickboxing class, a workout for the entire body, including hips, glutes, and thighs.


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