Top 9 Benefits of Chia Seeds That Will Make You Run to the Grocery Store

I must admit, lately I’ve been hooked up on chia seeds.

I knew they were healthy and beneficial, but I had no idea exactly how much.

But what I’ve found out after a week or two of consuming chia seeds on a daily basis is that I have a lot more energy.

Another thing I discovered is that by consuming chia seeds, I was feeling less and less hungry, and I was not craving for the sugars I normally do.

The hardest thing for me was to find a way to consume chia seeds.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

There are a number of benefits of chia seeds, but you need to actually consume them to reap the benefits.

And I have to admit, chia seeds are not as tasty as you would think.

But you need to find a way to consume them.

My way is simple, I add them in my morning smoothie, that is loaded with other healthy and nutritional foods like banana, honey, apple, berries, pear, kiwi and other fruits.

I tend to start the day with a smoothie, as it gives me the energy to last for the day.

And chia seeds helped take my energy level to another level.

Another way I like to consume chia seeds is with Greek yogurt.

I add a couple of them in my yogurt and drink it in the morning or before I go to bed.

The reason why everyone is getting more and more obsessed with chia seeds is their benefits.

They are rich in fiber, antioxidants, protein, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and much more.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of chia seeds.

Excellent Nutrients to Calories Ratio

Despite their tiny size, one ounce of chia seeds delivers a massive amount of nutrients, more than almost any other product on the market, with just a few calories.

Let’s take a look at the ratio.

One ounce of chia seeds, or two teaspoons, delivers 11g of fiber, 4g of protein, 9g of fat (five of which are omega-3 fatty acids), 18% of daily dose of calcium, 30% of recommended daily amount of manganese, 27% of phosphorus RDA and 30% of magnesium RDA.

All that, and you consume only 130 calories.

We didn’t even mention the small amounts of vitamin B1, B2, B3, Zinc, and Potassium.

With so many healthy nutrients in them, chia seeds provide you with sustainable energy.

And to top it all, chia seeds are naturally grown food, free of gluten.

Help You Regulate Blood Sugar

Looking at the nutrition profile of the seeds, you can notice that it is packed with carbohydrates, but most of them, almost 90% is fiber.

Unlike other carbs, fiber doesn’t raise your blood sugar.

Quite the contrary, fiber helps regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels.

By consuming chia seeds, you are slowing down the absorption of food, which automatically makes you feel full, and you do not crave for processed foods that increase blood sugar and insulin levels.

Rich with Antioxidants

Another benefit of consuming chia seeds is you are supplying your body with a high amount of antioxidants.

As they are rich with antioxidants, chia seeds can last a lot longer, close to two years without putting them in the fridge.

But I am certain once you try chia seeds, they won’t last for that long.

Although, they present you with a good opportunity to buy larger packs of chia seeds which are cheaper, and keep them at home.

But back to the antioxidants, a chemical our bodies need to fight free radicals.

The more antioxidants your body has, the more you are slowing down the aging process.

I once heard of a study that said that chia seeds contain more antioxidants than blueberries, the absolute gold standard of antioxidants, but I was unable to find it online.

The Protein Advantage

As we mentioned at the beginning, chia seeds are also extremely rich in protein, the building block of muscles in our body.

If you are trying to lose weight, protein is your best friend.

And when it comes to protein sources, chia seeds are among the best, as 14% of their weight is protein.

Even better, chia seeds also contain amino acids that help our body to consume and absorb protein better.

And if you are avoiding animal products, chia seeds are the best alternative for protein.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Source

Let me stop you right there if you think to start consuming chia seeds as an alternative to fish.

Simply put, while chia seeds have numerous health benefits and have more omega-3 fatty acids pound to pound than salmon, they are not as effective as fish.

The bottom line is that chia seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, but they cannot replace fish.

The downside is that chia seeds contain mostly ALA, or alpha-linolenic acid, which is a passive form of omega-3 fatty acids that needs to be converted to DHA or EPA, and other active forms.

Our body is unable to convert ALA into DHA. So, do not expect to ditch fish off your menu if you eat chia seeds.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Chia seeds contain the three crucial ingredients that help with blood markers.

Those are protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. All together improve our metabolic health.

A study in Mexico showed that a diet with chia seeds, but also oats and soy protein helped lower the LDL cholesterol (or the bad cholesterol as it is known) and increase the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

As a sole ingredient, chia seeds have been used in a study to raise the HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides.

Reduce Risk Factors for Diabetes Type 2

A study about the effects of chia seeds on diabetes also showed that the ingredient can lower blood pressure markers, which essentially helps with diabetes type 2.

The inflammatory marker was also lowered, and those two markers are tested when a person is suffering from diabetes.

While chia seeds do not cure diabetes, they can significantly lower the risks of developing one to begin with.

Improve Bone Health

When you look at the nutrition profile of chia seeds, you might miss the calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

But chia seeds are extremely high in all three crucial minerals that improve bone health.

Consuming chia seeds on a regular basis lowers your risk of arthritis and other bone related diseases.

For people who do not consume dairy products on regular basis, chia seeds are excellent calcium alternative.

Chia Seeds Improve Your Exercise Performance

The legend says that Mayans and Aztec used chia seeds back in the days to improve their athletic performances.

I can personally vouch for this one as I have noticed that I have much more energy if I consume chia seeds before my workout.

I can last longer, and I can lift heavier weight.


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