How to do a successful night-time baby massage (and help your baby sleep better)

Raise your hand if you have troubles putting your baby to sleep. Or, raise your hand if you have troubles calming down your crying baby? That is a lot of hands out there, right? Well, luckily for you, I have some tricks you can use.

To calm your baby, we take a page out of the reflexology playbook. For those of you that do not know, reflexology is known as zone therapy. This therapy has been part of alternative medicine for many years. The trick is to apply pressure on the feet and hands using thumbs, fingers, and hand techniques. Some believe in its healing power, some do not. But when you have a crying baby, it is worth a try.

Here are some zones you should apply pressure to and massage when your baby is crying or having problems falling asleep.

If you think you cannot find the time for it, do it while your baby is asleep or you are feeding him/her. You can even massage your baby during bath time.


If you know that your baby has problems with its sinuses, apply pressure to the toes of your baby. The toes are the pressure points which are connected and react to the sinuses. Be gentle with your pressure. Sinuses are not the only condition you can treat with applying pressure on the toes. You can also use this technique for cold and allergy symptoms.

Teeth and head

Teething is painful process. When infants start growing teeth, they start crying. And they irritate everyone around them. Now, teething is part of the growing process, but why let your baby cry through the process? For this purpose, you need to massage the tips of the toes of your baby. And once they fall asleep, continue massaging for a while just so that you prevent your baby from waking up due to pain.

Solar plexus

The solar plexus is a collection of nerves that is related to discomfort with spasms, troubles breathing, tightness in the chest, and upset stomach. A light massage can help with all those problems. The area you need to target is the center of the foot, just below the pads. Look for the point where the arch begins.

Chest pain

If your baby suffers from congestion in the chest, a little massage can help. You need to target the pads of the feed. More precisely, target the area just under the toes. The nerves positioned there are linked with chest pain. Using round and circular motion, apply gentle pressure.

This will relieve any pain and discomfort related with coughing and congestion. Now, this is just a complementary and alternative therapy. If your baby suffers from cold or other illness, see a doctor. You do not want to risk a chest infection. The massage will just calm your baby until you get to the doctor’s office.

Upper abdomen

Constipation, indigestion, and heartburn, all these are conditions that manifest with pain in the upper abdomen. To soothe the pain, gently massage the area just between the middle pads and the foot.

Lower abdomen

The lower abdomen, on the other hand, is linked with conditions like bloating and gassing. To alleviate these conditions, massage the foot, just between the middle and the heel. Your baby will feel relieved in a matter of minutes.


Troubles with the hips, tummy, and the pelvis can all be gone with gentle massage on the heel of the foot. Tightness in the hips is common, as babies can grow rapidly sometimes. To help your baby with the pain, rub the heel. You can also soothe constipation by massaging the same spot.

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