Here is Why You Need to Start Your Day with Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Drink

We all have our morning habits. Some of us run to the bathroom, others run to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Some of us just want to check their email before everything else. Of course, there are people who start their morning routine with a quick action under the sheets.

We are not going to argue which morning tradition is the best. But we will recommend that you start your day with an apple cider vinegar and honey drink.

This beverage, which you can drink in the first 30 minutes after waking up, is one of the best things you can do for your body.

The combination of two very potent healthy ingredients is just music for your body. There are a number of benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar, honey, and these two together.

While it is essentially a detox drink, apple cider vinegar and honey offers much more than just detoxifying your body.

Your body performs a natural cleansing process while you sleep. When you are sleeping, your body will rejuvenate, your cells will repair themselves, and you will flush out some toxins. But you want to make sure you get rid of any excess matter you do not want to hold on. This is where the drink comes into play.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is just one part of the equation. The vinegar alone is more than enough to get some health benefits [1]

Made from crushed apples, then distilled and fermented, apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid. This acid is a natural antibacterial agent that can help you get rid of many strains of harmful bacteria [2]

Apple cider vinegar will help you prevent skin infections, speed up wound healing, and help your skin get rid of harmful free radicals [3] ACV also helps your body prevent and treat chronic infections.

Benefits of honey

Raw and unprocessed honey is also a very healthy ingredient [4] To be more precise, raw honey is one of the most natural foods available.

A well-known home remedy, honey has been used for centuries to treat various ailments [5] Honey contains phenolic compounds, which are basically antioxidants that promote good health and prevent serious diseases.

Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties [6] Because of that, honey helps us treat and prevent inflammatory conditions.

Some studies show that honey is even more potent and effective than anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to prepare the drink?

acv honey drink

The simplest thing to do is prepare the drink.

All you need is:

  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon raw and organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup of water

Mix all of the ingredients in a tall glass, and drink it 20 minutes before breakfast. Make sure to drink it quickly as you wake up.

Always drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. You can work your way up to using 1l of water, with the same amount of honey and apple cider vinegar.

Yes, the drink will be more diluted, but you will drink more water, which means faster flushing of toxins.

The key is to choose the right apple cider vinegar. In other words, you need organic, unfiltered, and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Any vinegar that is clear and murky, will not produce the same health benefits of the drink.

With that in mind, what are the benefits of the drink? Or in other words, why should you drink it on a daily basis?

Improve joint health

Consuming the drink on a regular basis will help you manage inflammation, and reduce it. This means gone is the joint pain you feel at times. You can use it for inflammatory conditions like arthritis, and others that affect the joints.

Relief for acid reflux

Drinking apple cider vinegar and honey will provide relief from the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. These symptoms include a burning sensation in the stomach after eating.

Both ingredients in the drink will balance stomach acid, but also provide the soothing effect on the esophagus.

Improve digestive health

Not only the drink prevents heartburn symptoms, you can also use it to boost your overall digestive health. ACV has acidic nature that stimulates enzymes needed for healthy digestion, while honey can soothe gastrointestinal problems.

The combination will help you break down proteins and stimulate digestion of fats in the digestive tract.

Weight loss

If your goal is to shed some pounds, this drink will come in handy for sure. We mentioned at the beginning that the honey and apple cider vinegar is basically a detox drink.

Well, flushing out toxins out of your body is goal No.1 when you want to lose weight. In addition, the drink will suppress appetite, control your blood sugar levels, and prevent fat accumulation in the body.

Reduce cholesterol

Another way that the detox drink helps you manage your weight is reducing cholesterol. We all know cholesterol causes obesity, but also other health problems like high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Drinking apple cider vinegar, water, and some honey will help you naturally reduce cholesterol and make sure you are healthy. The drink does this by assisting the liver process fatty acids and increase bile production.

Improve heart health

Many of the benefits of apple cider vinegar are closely related to one another. You lose weight, you reduce cholesterol levels, and that all results in better heart health.

One way the drink helps your heart is providing huge amounts of antioxidants, compounds that prevent cardiovascular diseases.

For example, honey can prevent blood clots and lower bad cholesterol, while ACV lowers high blood pressure.

Reduce blood sugar levels

People with diabetes will find relief in this drink. Yes, it contains honey, and while honey is a sugar, people with diabetes can safely consume this detox drink.

The combination will manage your blood sugar levels and have a positive effect on insulin sensitivity.

Boost your energy levels

Consume this drink in the morning, and you will have the energy to last through the entire day. You can also consume the drink before a workout, to get an extra energy boost.

Honey is even better than glucose at boosting energy levels, and studies show honey is the most effective form of carbs to consume before a workout.

Relieve sore throat

Apple cider vinegar has some antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and honey can help you kill off infections that cause cough, cold, and sore throat.

Consuming the drink will eliminate germs from your throat. This drink has been used traditionally for common sore throat problems for years.

Eliminate Bad breath

We mentioned that these two ingredients have germ-fighting properties. Getting rid of germs in your mouth will help you get rid of bad breath.

Usually, bad breath is caused by a buildup of bacteria on your teeth or by a stomach ulcer. The detox drink eliminates both sources of the problem. Just make sure to drink the beverage on an empty stomach.


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